Republic Act No. 296
June 17, 1948
The Judiciary Act of 1948
Republic Act No. 201
April 19, 1948
An Act To Provide For The Issuance By Corporations Of New Certificates Of Stock In Lieu Of Those Lost, Stolen Or Destroyed, After The Reconstitution Of The Records Of The Corporation In Accordance With Law, And To Fix A Period Within Which To Contest Such Issuance
Republic Act No. 200
March 29, 1948
An Act To Provide For The Disposition Of The Proceeds Of The Grand Derby Races Held By The Philippine Tuberculosis Society
Republic Act No. 199
March 29, 1948
An Act To Provide For The Retirement Of Treasury Certificates Of Pre-War Series And For Other Purposes
Republic Act No. 198
March 12, 1948
An Act Appropriating The Sum Of One Hundred Thousand Pesos To Defray The Expenses Of The Training, Preparation And Participation Of A Filipino Athletic Delegation In The Nineteen Hundred And Forty-Eight Olympics In London
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