Republic Act No. 10154
July 14, 2011
An Act Requiring All Concerned Government Agencies To Ensure the Early Release of the Retirement Pay, Pensions, Gratuities and Other Benefits of Retiring Government Employees
Republic Act No. 10153
June 30, 2011
An Act Providing For the Synchronization of the Elections In the Autonomous Region In Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) With the National and Local Elections, and For Other Purposes
Republic Act No. 10152
June 21, 2011
An Act Providing For Mandatory Basic Immunization Services For Infants and Children, Repealing For the Purpose Presidential Decree No. 996, As Amended.
Republic Act No. 10151
June 21, 2011
An Act Allowing the Employment of Nigiit Workers, Thereby Repealing Articles 130 and 131 of Presidential Decree Number Four Hundred Forty-Two, As Amended, Otherwise Known As the Labor Code of the Philippines
Republic Act No. 10150
June 21, 2011
An Act Extending the Implementation of the Lifeline Rate, Amending For the Purpose Section 73 of Republic Act Numbered Ninety-One Thirty-Six, Otherwise Known As the "Eleciric Power Industry Reform Act of 2001"
Republic Act No. 10149
June 6, 2011
An Act to Promote Financial Viability and Fiscal Discipline In Government-Owned Or -Controlled Corporations and to Strengthen the Role of the State In Its Governance and Management to Make Them More Responsive to the Needs of Public Interest and For Other Purposes
Republic Act No. 10148
March 12, 2011 (Lapsed)
An Act Granting Philippine Citizenship to Marcus Eugene Douthit
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