Republic Act No. 6591
September 30, 1974
An Act Creating a Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court for the Province of Camarines Sur and the Cities of Naga and Iriga.
Republic Act No. 6552
August 26, 1972
An Act To Provide Protection To Buyers Of Real Estate On Installment Payments. (Rep. Act No. 6552)
Republic Act No. 6551
September 14, 1972
An Act Appropriating Funds For The Operation Of The Government Of The Republic Of The Philippines During The Period From July First, Nineteen Hundred And Seventy-Two To June Thirtieth, Nineteen Hundred And Seventy-Three, And For Other Purposes
Republic Act No. 6539
August 26, 1972
An Act Preventing And Penalizing Carnapping
Republic Act No. 6533
July 22, 1972
An Act Granting Congson Ice Plant And Cold Storage, Inc., A Franchise To Construct, Operate And Maintain An Ice Plant And Cold Storage Facility, And To Distribute And Sell Ice So Manufactured And Furnish Cold Storage Facilities In The City Of General Santos.
Republic Act No. 6516
July 22, 1972
Act Providing For Sale Of Agricultural Public Lands And Authorizing District Land Officers In Every Province Of The Bureau Of Lands To Sign Patents Or Certificates Covering Lands Not Exceeding Five Hectares, Further Amending For The Purpose Commonwealth Act Numbered One Hundred Forty-One.
Republic Act No. 6489
June 17, 1972
An Act Creating The Municipality Of Cabanglasan In The Province Of Bukidnon
Republic Act No. 6452
June 17, 1972
An Act Making The Municipality Of Masinloc, Province Of Zambales, A Port Of Entry, By Amending Section Seven Hundred One Of The Tariff And Customs Code Of The Philippines, As Amended.
Republic Act No. 6440
June 17, 1972
An Act Creating Barrio Fortuna In The Municipality Of Marcos, Province Of Ilocos Norte
Republic Act No. 6426
April 4, 1972
Amended by R.A. No. 6426, April 4, 1974
An Act Instituting A Foreign Currency Deposit System In The Philippines, And For Other Purposes.
Republic Act No. 6425
March 30, 1972
The Dangerous Drugs Act of 1972
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