Republic Act No. 6139
August 31, 1970
An Act To Regulate Tuition And Other School Fees Of Private Educational Institution, Providing For The Settlement Of Controversies Thereon And For Other Purposes.
Republic Act No. 6132
August 24, 1970
An Act Implementing Resolution Of Both Houses Numbered Two As Amended By Resolution Of Both Houses Numbered Four Of The Congress Of The Philippines Calling For A Constitutional Convention, Providing For Proportional Representation Therein And Other Details Relating To The Election Of Delegates To And The Holding Of The Constitutional Convention, Repealing For The Purpose Republic Act Four Thousand Nine Hundred Fourteen, And For Other Purposes.
Republic Act No. 6131
August 10, 1970
An Act Declaring Dr. Patrick B. Connon, Otherwise Known A Brother H. Gabriel Connon, Fcs, President Of De La Salle College, Manila, A Citizen Of The Philippines, And Conferring Upon Him All The Rights, Duties, Privileges, And Prerogatives Of Filipino Citizenship.
Republic Act No. 6128
June 17, 1970
An Act Prescribing The Procedure For The Settlement Of Municipal Or Barrio Boundary Disputes.
Republic Act No. 6127
June 17, 1970
An Act Amending Article Twenty-Nine Of The Revised Penal Code To Give Full Time Credit Under Certain Conditions To Offenders Who Have Undergone Preventive Imprisonment (Detention Prisoners) In The Service Of Their Sentences.
Republic Act No. 6126
June 17, 1970
An Act To Regulate Rentals Of Dwelling Units Or Of Land On Which Another's Dwelling Is Located For One Year And Penalizing Violations Thereof.
Republic Act No. 6125
May 1, 1970
An Act Imposing A Stabilization Tax On Consignments Abroad To Accelerate The Economic Development Of The Philippines And For Other Purposes.
Republic Act No. 6124
April 2, 1970
An Act Providing For The Fixing Of The Maximum Selling Price Of Essential Articles Or Commodities, Creating The Price Control Council, And For Other Purposes.
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