Republic Act No. 3473
June 16, 1962
An Act To Amend Republic Act Numbered Fifteen Hundred Sixty-Eight (Re Grant Of Life Pension To The Auditor General And The Chairman And Members Of The Commission On Elections.)
Republic Act No. 3470
June 16, 1962
An Act Creating The National Cottage Industries Development Authority (Nacida) Under The Department Of Commerce And Industry, Prescribing Its Duties, Powers And Functions, And Appropriating Funds Therefore.
Republic Act No. 3469
June 16, 1962
An Act Authorizing The Construction Of Multi-Storey Tenement Building Projects For The Poor And Homeless And Appropriating Funds Therefor.
Republic Act No. 3462
June 16, 1962
An Act To Amend Section Two Of Republic Act Numbered One Thousand Eight Hundred Sixty-Two, And For Other Purposes.
Republic Act No. 3453
June 16, 1962
An Act Amending Section Four Of Republic Act Numbered Twenty-Six Hundred Sixteen, Entitled "An Act Providing For The Expropriation Of The Tatalon Estate In Quezon City, And For The Sale, At Cost, Of The Lots Therein To The Present Bona Fide Occupants, And Authorizing The Appropriation Of Ten Million Pesos For The Purpose."
Republic Act No. 3452
June 14, 1962
An Act To Adopt A Program To Stabilize The Price Of Palay, Rice And Corn, To Provide Incentives For Production, And To Create A Rice And Corn Administration To Implement The Same, And To Provide Funds Therefor.
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