Republic Act No. 1410
September 10, 1955
An Act To Prohibit The So-Called "No-Dollar" Imports Except Under Certain Conditions.
Republic Act No. 1409
September 9, 1955
An Act To Amend Certain Sections Of Republic Act Numbered Twelve Hundred Sixty-Seven.
Republic Act No. 1407
September 9, 1955
An Act To Be Known As "The Philippine Overseas Shipping Act Of Nineteen Hundred And Fifty-Five."
Republic Act No. 1405
September 9, 1955
An Act Prohibiting Disclosure Of Or Inquiry Into, Deposits With Any Banking Institution And Providing Penalty Therefor.
Republic Act No. 1404
September 9, 1955
An Act To Amend Certain Sections Of Republic Act Numbered Two Hundred And Ninety-Six, Otherwise Known As "The Judiciary Act Of 1948", As Amended, And For Other Purposes.
Republic Act No. 1401
September 9, 1955
An Act Creating A Juvenile And Domestic Relations Court In The City Of Manila, Amending For This Purpose Republic Act Numbered Four Hundred And Nine, Otherwise Known As The Charter Of The City Of Manila.
Republic Act No. 1400
September 9, 1955
An Act Defining A Land Tenure Policy, Providing For An Instrumentality To Carry Out The Policy, And Appropriating Funds For Its Implementation.
Republic Act No. 1396
September 8, 1955
An Act Appropriating The Sum Of Fifty Million Pesos, Out Of The Proceeds Of The Bond Issue Authorized By Republic Act Numbered One Thousand, To Finance The Establishment Of One Or More Pig Iron Smelting Plants By The National Shipyards And Steel Corporation, And To Provide Said Corporation With Operating Capital.
Republic Act No. 1394
August 29, 1955
An Act To Impose A Special Import Tax On All Goods, Articles Or Products Imported Or Brought Into The Philippines, And To Repeal Republic Acts Numbered Six Hundred And One, Eight Hundred And Fourteen, Eight Hundred And Seventy-One, Eleven Hundred And Seventy-Five, Eleven Hundred And Ninety-Seven And Thirteen Hundred And Seventy-Five.
Republic Act No. 1393
August 29, 1955
An Act To Facilitate The Entry Into The Philippines As International Traders Of Nationals Of The United States.
Republic Act No. 1392
August 23, 1955
An Act To Amend Section Eleven Of The Philippine Tariff Act Of 1909 And Exempting Textiles Made Of 100 Per Cent Philippine Ramie Fiber From The Payment Of Duty To Provide Incentives For The Development Of The Ramie Industry
Republic Act No. 1383
June 18, 1955
An Act Creating A Public Corporation To Be Known As The National Waterworks And Sewerage Authority.
Republic Act No. 1382
June 18, 1955
An Act Granting Reserve Officers With At Least Ten Years Of Active Accumulated Commissioned Service Security From Reversion.
Republic Act No. 1379
June 18, 1955
An Act Declaring Forfeiture In Favor Of The State Any Property Found To Have Been Unlawfully Acquired By Any Public Officer Or Employee And Providing For The Proceedings Therefor.
Republic Act No. 1371
June 18, 1955
An Act To Define, Classify, Fix And Regulate The Amount Of All Charges And Fees In Philippine Ports, Other Than Customs Duties, Internal Revenue Taxes And Tonnage Dues.
Republic Act No. 1363
June 18, 1955
An Act To Give Preference To Veterans In Appointments In The Government, Government-Controlled Or Semi-Government Corporations And For Other Purposes.
Republic Act No. 1362
June 18, 1955
An Act To Further Amend Republic Act Numbered Sixty-Five, Commonly Known As The Philippine Veterans Bill Of Rights.
Republic Act No. 1357
June 18, 1955
An Act To Grant To Francisco Luansing A Franchise For An Electric Light, Heat And Power System In The Municipality Of Tudela, Province Of Misamis Occidental.
Republic Act No. 1355
June 18, 1955
An Act Authorizing The President Of The Philippines To Enter Into A Revised Agreement With The President Of The United States On The Basis Of The Final Act Of Negotiations Relative To The Revision Of The 1946 Trade Agreement Between The Republic Of The Philippines And The United States Of America, Which Was Signed At Washington, D.C. On December 15, 1954.
Republic Act No. 1345
June 17, 1955
An Act Creating The National Marketing Corporation And Dissolving The Price Stabilization Corporation, Appropriating Funds Therefor, And For Other Purposes.
Republic Act No. 1328
June 16, 1955
Enlarging The Powers, Functions, And Duties Of The Phil. Sugar Institute
Republic Act No. 1325
June 16, 1955
Making Elective Positions of the City of Cagayan De Oro
Republic Act No. 1267
June 14, 1955
An Act Creating The Court of Agrarian Relations, Prescribing its Jurisdiction, and Establishing its Rules of Procedure
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