Republic Act No. 1199
August 30, 1954
Agricultural Tenancy Act of the Philippines
An Act to Govern the Relations between Landholders and Tenants of Agricultural Lands (Leaseholds and Share Tenancy)
Republic Act No. 1161
June 16, 1954
Social Security Law
An Act to Create a Social Security System Providing Sickness, Unemployment, Retirement, Disability and Death Benefits for Employees
Republic Act No. 1125
June 16, 1954
An Act Creating The Court of Tax Appeals
Republic Act No. 1054
June 12, 1954
Emergency Medical and Dental Treatment Law
An Act to Revise and Consolidate The Provisions of Act Numbered Three Thousand Nine Hundred Sixty-One, as amended, Relative to Free Emergency Medical Treatment, and Republic Act Numbered Two Hundred Thirty-Nine, Relative to Free Emergency Dental Treatment, for Employees and Laborers of Commercial, Industrial and Agricultural Establishments
Republic Act No. 976
April 21, 1954
An Act Appropriating The Sum Of Two Hundred And Fifty Thousand Pesos To Cover Deficiencies In The Appropriations For The Office Of The President Of The Philippines
Republic Act No. 975
April 3, 1954
An Act Authorizing The Director Of Public Schools To Confer Appropriate Degrees Upon Students Graduating From The Four-Year Teachers' Curricula In Specially Designated Public Schools And For Other Purposes
Republic Act No. 974
March 24, 1954
An Act Appropriating The Sum Of Four Million Pesos For The Current Operation And Maintenance Of The Three Thousand Additional Extension Classes Organized In October And November, Nineteen Hundred And Fifty-Three
Republic Act No. 973
March 1, 1954
An Act Appropriating The Sum Of Two Million Pesos For The Control And Eradication Of Rats And Other Agricultural Pests And Diseases
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