Republic Act No. 910
June 2, 1953
An Act to Provide for the Retirement of Justices of the Supreme Court and of the Court of Appeals, For the Enforcement of the Provisions Hereof by the Government Service Insurance System, and to Repeal Commonwealth Act Numbered Five Hundred and Thirty-Six
Republic Act No. 876
June 19, 1953
An Act to Authorize the Making of Arbitration and Submission Agreements, To Provide for the Appointment of Arbitrators and The Procedure for Arbitration in Civil Controversies, and For Other Purposes
Republic Act No. 875
June 19, 1953
Industrial Peace Act
An Act to Promote Industrial Peace and for other Purposes
Republic Act No. 857
June 16, 1953
An Act to Punish any Public Officer or Employee Who Shall Obstruct, Prohibit, or Otherwise Prevent The Exercise of The Right of Attorneys to Visit and Confer with Persons Arrested
Republic Act No. 837
March 20, 1953
An Act Reorganizing The General Auditing Office
Republic Act No. 836
March 12, 1953
An Act Authorizing The Appropriation Of The Sum Of Twenty Million Pesos Annually For A Period Of Five Years For The Construction, Reconstruction, Improvement And/or Repair Of Public Elementary School Buildings
Republic Act No. 835
March 12, 1953
An Act Authorizing The Payment Of Family Subsistence Allowance To Carry Out The Purposes Of Section Five-A Of Republic Act Numbered Five Hundred And Seventy-Three, As Amended By Republic Act Numbered Eight Hundred And Fifteen
Republic Act No. 834
March 6, 1953
An Act To Gan Act To Amend Section Two Hundred Forty-Six Of The National Internal Revenue Code By Providing That Five Per Centum Of The Royalties On Mineral Lands Under Lease And Of The Ad Valorem Taxes On The Output Of Mineral Lands Not Covered By Lease Shall Accrue To The Municipality Where The Mines Are Situated
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