Republic Act No. 809
June 22, 1952
"The Sugar Act of 1952"
An Act to Regulate the Relations among Persons Engaged in the Sugar Industry
Republic Act No. 768
June 20, 1952
"Philippine Dental Hygienist Law"
An Act to Regulate the Practice of Dental Hygienists in the Philippines and for other purposes
Republic Act No. 761
June 20, 1952
An Act to Provide for the Organization of A National Employment Service
Republic Act No. 679
April 15, 1952
"Woman and Child Labor Law"
An Act to Regulate the Employment of Women and Children, to Provide Penalties for Violation hereof, and for other Purposes
Republic Act No. 677
April 3, 1952
An Act To Grant The Pan Asia Newspaper Alliance (Pana) Temporary Permit To Establish A Radio Receiving Station For The Purpose Of Copying For Publication Press Messages From Radio Stations Exterior To The Philippines
Republic Act No. 676
March 20, 1952
An Act Authorizing The Appropriation Of The Sum Of One Hundred Thousand Pesos For The Rehabilitation And Maintenance Of The Aborlan Agricultural High School In The Province Of Palawan
Republic Act No. 675
March 14, 1952
An Act To Fix The Salaries Of Physicians Under The Department Of Health
Republic Act No. 674
March 12, 1952
An Act To Repeal Section Ten Hundred And Seventeen And To Further Amend Sections Two Hundred And Eighty-Four And Two Hundred And Eighty-Five-A As Amended By Republic Act Numbered Two Hundred And Eighteen, Of The Revised Administrative Code So As To Include Among The Beneficiaries Thereof The Employees Of Sanitary Divisions
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