M a n i l a

PRESIDENTIAL DECREE No. 836 December 3, 1975


WHEREAS, in order that aliens residing in this country and deserving of Philippine citizenship may, through a less expensive and more expeditious procedure, become Philippine citizens, Letter of Instructions No. 270 constituted a Special Committee on Naturalization to receive and process applications for naturalization by decree from aliens with the qualifications and none of the disqualifications specified therein and submit recommendations thereon to the President of the Philippines; and

WHEREAS, pursuant to said Letter of Instructions, the aforesaid Special Committee has recommended to the President of the Philippines the grant of Philippine citizenship by decree to certain applicants;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, FERDINAND E. MARCOS, President of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers in me vested by the Constitution, do hereby grant Philippine citizenship to the individuals of foreign nationality whose names appear in Annex "A" of this Decree, with all the rights, privileges, duties, and obligations appurtenant to such grant, and with the following effects and subject to the following conditions:

1. The grant of Philippine citizenship to the aforesaid aliens under this Decree shall be effective upon their taking the oath of allegiance as Philippine citizens and the issuance to them of certificate of naturalization by the Special Committee. The Commission on Immigration and Deportation shall thereupon cancel their certificate of registration as aliens and issue to them the corresponding identification certificates as citizens;

2. If the naturalized alien should die before taking the oath of allegiance as Filipino citizens and the issuance to him of the certificate of naturalization, his widow, if residing in the Philippines and found by the Special Committee to have none of the disqualifications specified in said LOI 270, may take the oath of allegiance as Filipino citizen, after which the minor children of said deceased alien and his wife, subject to the provisos of the next succeeding section, shall follow the acquired Filipino citizenship of their mother;

3. Alien wives and minor children of persons naturalization under this Decree shall be deemed Philippine citizens provided that:

(a) The alien wife shall, in all cases, not suffer from any of the disqualifications for naturalization under Letter of Instructions No. 270;

(b) The alien wife and minor children of persons naturalized under this Decree reside permanently in the Philippines at the time of his naturalization;

(c) If the alien wife does not reside in the Philippines at the time of the naturalization of her husband, she shall come to the Philippines and reside in this country in good faith within one year from the naturalization of her husband;

(d) If minor children do not reside in the Philippines at the time of the naturalization of their father thay shall, within one (1) year from the naturalization of their father, in good faith reside in this country and, if of school age, enroll in Philippine schools. The fact that any such minor child of school age fails to graduate from a Philippine school, except for valid reasons shown, shall be considered prima facie evidence of failure to bona fide enroll in Philippine schools.

4. In case the alien naturalized under this Decree is a woman, her minor children shall continue to follow the citizenship of their alien father during their minority, but may elect Philippine citizenship pursuant to existing law upon reaching the age of majority.

5. The Special Committee may cancel certificates of naturalization issued under this decree in the following cases:

(a) If it finds that the naturalized person or his duly authorized representative made any false statement or misrepresentation or committed any violation of law, rules and regulations in connection with the petition for naturalization, or if he otherwise obtains Philippine citizenship fraudulently or illegally, the certificate of naturalization shall be cancelled;

(b) If the naturalized person or his wife, or any of his minor children who acquire Filipino citizenship by virtue of his naturalization shall, within five (5) years next following the grant of Philippine citizenship, establish permanent residence in a foreign country, that individual's certificate of naturalization or acquired citizenship shall be cancelled or revoked; provided that the fact of such person's remaining for more than one year in his country of origin, or two years in any other foreign country, shall be considered prima facie evidence of intent to permanently reside therein;

(c) If the naturalized person or his wife or child with acquired citizenship allows himself or herself to be used as a dummy in violation of any constitutional or legal provision requiring Philippine citizenship as a condition for the exercise, use, or enjoyment of a right, franchise, or privilege, the certificate of naturalization or acquired citizenship shall be cancelled or revoked;

(d) If the naturalized person or his wife or child with acquired citizenship commits any act inimical to national security, the certificate of naturalization or acquired citizenship shall be cancelled or revoked.

6. In case the naturalized person holds any hereditary title, or belongs to any order of nobility, he shall make an express renunciation of his title or membership in this order of nobility before the Special Committee or its duly authorized representative, and such renunciation shall be included in the records of his application for citizenship; and

7. The Special Committee is authorized to promulgate rules and regulations for the effective and expeditious implementation of the provision of this Decree.

8. Any person who shall fraudulently make, falsify, forge, change, alter, or cause or aid any person to do the same, or who shall purposely aid and assist in falsely making, forging, falsifying, changing or altering a naturalization certificate issued under this Decree for the purpose of making use thereof, or in order that the same may be used by another person or persons, and any person who shall purposely aid and assist another in obtaining a naturalization certificate in violation of this Decree, shall be punished by a fine of not more than Five Thousand Pesos (P5,000.00) and by imprisonment for not more than five years, and in the case that the person convicted is a naturalized citizen his certificate of naturalization shall, if not earlier cancelled by the Special Committee, be ordered cancelled.

9. This Decree shall take effect immediately.

Done in the City of Manila, this 3rd day of December in the year of our Lord, nineteen hundred and seventy-five.

Page one of Annex A of P.D. No. 836

1.Luke Chiong47.Jimmy Ley
2.Andres Co48.Carlos Ng
3.Dionecio Sy49.Vicente Ramon Ang
4.Jaime Tiu Kingcoc50.Juan Mac Fe Wong
5.Jose Ngaw51.Tam Ho Chao
6.Ceferino Lim Go52.Chua Tin Bing
7.Tan Bun Cho53.Siy Ka Seng
8.Luz Co54.Jesus T. Yap
9.Maria Pilar Z. Conde55.Yu Ten Piak
10.Jose Ma. S. Conde56.Ong Chin
11.Benito Chua57.Siu Tin Duy
12.Julian Tan Tan58.Fr. Emilio San Eufrasi Larraga
13.Aleta U. Tan59.Rodrigo Tee Kian Chi
14.Chua Hong Bee Ancheta60.Billy Po Siyhian
15.Luciano Ty Ko61.James Ngkaion
16.Francisco Go62.Jesus Ng
17.Juliana Lolita So63.Mariano Tan an
18.Marcelo Lim Co64.Ang Rudy Dy
19.Ramon Li y Tan65.Jesus Ang Cu
20.Go Eng Tian66.Juan L. Tan Ho Chuang
21.Sison Li y Tan67.Basant K. Gill
22.Edilberto Chan68.Chu An Moy
23.Fidel Cu69.Tan Chee Sing
24.Dominador Cu70.Lucio Ong Tanchane
25.Pacita Ngo Ch71.Yee Tect Chu
26.Chua Eh Ti72.Hilario Tan
27.Jose Y. Ang Lim73.Rodolfo Lim Tan
28.Antonio Y. Ang74.Jaime Lim Tan
29.Venancio Chan75.Gabriel T. Qua
30.Henry Sy Ong76.Clarita Bautista Lee
31.Manuel Sy Ong77.Hua Kiat Chua Chiu
32.Gregorio Ang Cu78.Soon Ty Chua Chiu
33.William Go Huang79.Hua Huy Chua Chiu
34.Alfonso Tan80.Hua Seng Chua Chiu
35.Luis Antonio Maneru81.William Yao
36.Beatriz Alves Maneru82.Cheng Guian
37.Lee Suy Hiong83.Vicente Chua Cheng
38.Harry C. Tan84.Manuel Uy
39.Benito Dy Yee Sin 85.Zenaida Espiritu Go
40.Eusebio Dy 86.Alfred S. Hahn
41.Jose Dy 87.Pedro Grosson
42.Lim Yoc Eng 88.Joseph Haw Tak Wong
43.Augustin P. Uy 89.Rasphal Kaur
44.Antonio K. Go90.Henry Uy y Yu
45.Ley See 91.Gan Siu Chuan
46.Peter Ley

Page two of Annex A of P.D. No. 836

92.John G. Kaw137.Johnny Y. Lai
93.Divina C. Sin138.Serapio Dy
94.Dante Yap Go139.Santos Tan
95.Cu Marcos Lim140.Gan Y. Sin
96.George D. Tan141.Victorio L. Ong
97.Carmelita Lim Chua142.Manuel Tan
98.Felipe Chan Tiu143.Yao Yi Lo
99.Florencio Chan Tiu144.Melton Dy y Sy
100.Benito C. Tiu145.Alberto Lu
101.Victoria C. Tiu146.Fr. Antonio A. Martinez
102.Benjamin C. Tiu147.Jesus Dy Bun Keng
103.Manuel Lim Co148.Paulino Chua
104.Amelita Nepomuceno Co149.Arjandas Doulatram Sehwani
105.Wee Tin Guan 150.Fernando Go
106.Lim Pua151.Fortunato Keh Ang
107.Edwin Weidmann152.Wendy R. B. Lopez
108.Damian Lim153.Chua Chi Ben Kiong
109.Renato Ting154.Juan Chua Bun
110.Edgardo Ting155.Robert Ong
111.Anita S. See156.Ong Tok Keng
112.Roman See157.Edelberto Tan
113.Uy Eng Kok158.Jacinto Lee Sunga
114.Tom Mon Yui (Manuel Wong)159.Nancy O. Yao
115.Benito Ang160.Yao Eng Lin
116.Angel T. Rodriguez161.Andres Po
117.Rodis Sy162.Betty Ong Le Kheng
118.Manuel Tan163.Chin Ping Go
119.Harry Tan164.Edwin Uy Yao
120.Irineo O. Dy165.Tan Go Ka Chien
121.Delia Uy166.Sally Uy Cabigon
122.Ted Ngkaion167.Go Bee
123.Verna Lee168.Leoncio Uy, Jr.
124.Alfredo A. Ong169.Sofio Go
125.Margaret Qui170.Idelberto Chan
126.Jesus Qui171.Manuel Sia Que
127.Antonio Tan172.Pacita Sia Que
128.Tan Hoc Teng173.Manuel Guillermo Dy
129.Emelda Sy174.Jose Chan
130.Ben Ang Urlanda175.Karnail Singh
131.Vidal Ng176.Satpal Singh Gill
132.Lau Ten Tat177.Afren L. Uy
133.Kumar Choithram178.Jose Gutierrez Yu
134.Marciano Liao Hing Hock179.Antonio Uy
135.Dionisio C. So180.Vicente Chua Co
136.Willis Ngkaion181.Victor Wei Chin-Chong

Page Three of Annex A of P.D. No. 836

182.William Tan 228.Norma Layno Sy
183.Virginia Tan 229.Juanito T. Chan
184.Tan Ching Sian 230.Manuel Co
185.Mariano Enrile Tan 231.Uy Han Huy
186.Reymundo Tan 232.Ngo Kim Pio
187.Peter Luy Chua 233.Ng Lip
188.Augusto L. Yap 234.Chua Ha
189.Che San Flores 235.Lim Yoc Long
190.Cornelio Ja236.Ching Bie
191.Eustaquio Tiu 237.Thomas Uy
192.Juanito Lim 238.Edward Chua Cham
193.Lim Biack Gue 239.Wei-Hwa Yang & Robert K Yang
194.So Kim Ching 240.Julio Chua Lian Yan
195.Narciso Lim 241.Joseph Cu Kui Guan
196.Nena Ngo Cua 242.Edward Lo
197.Librado L. Yap 243.Willie Lo Wai Chung
198.Mac Yin Fan 244.Luisito Tan
199.Go Bun Guan 245.Que Liong Hee
200.Albino Go Sin Bin 246.Nerio Tan
201.Go Yek Kuan 247.Conrado S. Chua
202.Belita Tam Tan 248.Julian Chua
203.Mariano Chan 249.Ho Kee
204.Henry Jao Ng 250.Fernando P. Liao
205.Alfonso Ang 251.Bernardo S. Jao
206.Elizabeth Yek-Eng See 252.Lu Lin
207.Benedicto Yu 253.Josephine Ong
208.Elsie Tan y Yu 254.Ang Kok Tai
209.Kwa Hian Leh 255.Minda K. Singh
210.Tan Eng Lian 256.Marshall Lu
211.Robein Sy Tan 257.Antonio Coo
212.Rony Sy Tan 258.Bhagwandas Sakhrani
213.King Hua 259.Amado Liong
214.Lee Yee Hoa 260.James Chua
215.Decloedt Jan Antoine 261.Benjamin Ng
216.Benito Go Ben Shing 262.Lim Ben Tuan
217.Tinong Uy 263.Enrique We
218.Yu Lee Chu 264.Juan Jao Luy
219.Ong Yee Siong 265.Ma. Corazon Ong
220.Lam Him Tak 266.Phifei Tsai
221.Ismael Lee Chuy 267.Purshotam Bhojraj Dialani
222.Eusebio Uy Cho Chi 268.Manuel Pe
223.Florencio Ong 269.Romeo D. Pico
224.Lim Yu Kan 270.Vicente Sy Seng Ho
225.Martin Lee Sunga 271.George Leung
226.Antonio Gaw 272.Goo Wai
227.Ramon Uy Pit Hue y Chua

Page Four of Annex A of P.D. No. 836

273.Gary H. Nagai319.Mary L. Kiguchi
274.Julian Chua de Guzman320.Vicente Li
275.Manuel Ong Lee321.Rosario Go Sy
276.Amado So Lim322.Roger Y. Chen
277.Teresita M. Lam323.Robert C. Gaw
278.Manuel Dy Eng Sun324.Ang Siu Sam
279.Mary Gaw325.Mariano Khoo
280.Tiu Peng326.Florencita Wong
281.Peter Ching Biac Hun327.Maria Chua
282.Fernando Uy328.Jimmy C. Gan
283.Hector Luciencia Tan329.Sun Y. Tong
284.Betty Ong Sy330.Martin O. Chan
285.Tita Ong Samson331.Rev. Rafael Desmedt
286.Wong See Yuen332.Fernandez Tam Fong
287.Antonio Ty Ranola333.Santos y Lao
288.Armando Ty334.Justino Ong Pac
289.Leon Ang335.Li Ka
290.Chua Tiong Lee336.Alexander Pet Uy
291.Chan Yen337.Ng Bay
292.Santiago Chan338.Go Chiok & William Say
293.Vicente Yu339.Roque Co
294.Marciana Lim340.Ngo Man Tiok
295.Aurea Lim341.Benito Ngo
296.Domingo Chua342.Angelina Go
297.Jose Tan343.Lilia Ngo
298.Dy Hian Chiao344.Elisa Ngo
299.Juliana T. Bravo345.Andres Ngo
300.Henry Co Bun Juan346.Topacio Sy
301.Charlie Ko347.John C. Tiu
302.Teresita G. Ng348.Nelson Tan
303.Tan Ping Yan349.Lucy C. Gaw
304.Wifredo Que350.Cho Sin Tan
305.William Ben Fue Tan351.Uy Nee Chiang
306.Santokh Singh352.Julian C. An
307.Juan Tang353.George T. Tan Pinglin
308.Rolando Sy354.Dolores Da Roza
309.Goerge Tian355.Joseph T. Roxas
310.Mariano Lee Dy356.Tiu Beng
311.Pedro W. Liong357.Wilson Co
312.Co Eng Quiam358.Celso Gomez y Tan
313.Sieng Kok Yap359.Marciano Tiu
314.Jesus Uy360.Alexander Ang
315.Harry C. Lau361.Avito Yu Hua Chin
316.Mariano C. Lau362.Ong Eng Tay
317.Santiago C. Lau363.Manuel Go
318.Vicente C. Lau364.Lui Kui Bok

Page Five of Annex A of P.D. No. 836

365.Juanito Teng409.Salvador Tan Po
366.Ng Han Yek410.Johnny Chua Pun Ping
367.Jacinto Uy Lim411.William Cu Kee Seng
368.Mariano Pua412.Carmelita Ching
369.Go Han & John Go Han413.Ramon Yee @ Yee Chick Po
370.Estanislao Co Kenlung414.Benjamin S. Chan
371.Giok Han Co415.Felix Po
372.Isabel A. Wachtel416.Elvira B. Vida
373.Jao Bio Tong417.Go Uy Chiung
374.Pablo Lim Chao418.Alfonso Koa Sun Lian
375.Horace Hu Wang419.Raymundo Koa Sun Len
376.Agapito Uy420.Manuel Koa Sun Tiong
377.Tan Ting Sy Liao421.Rodrigo Jao
378.Luis Sy Tan422.Goo Tat Chong
379.Tomas Sy Tan423.Baby Fidel Sy
380.Ramon C. Lee424.James L. Chiu
381.Johnny Teng 425.Son Liong Gutierrez
382.Nelson Pe Go 426.Simeon Ng Gutierrez
383.Lao Y Ka 427.Alfonso Tan
384.Pedro Lim Olivan 428.Leoncio S. Chua Siong Sun
385.Antonio Sy 429.Basilio Lao
386.Miguel Po Pua 430.Roberto Lao
387.Aquilino Quirino L. Pua431.Maximo Chan
388.Jose G. Syson 432.Que Choc Gui
389.Emmanuel Cu Keng Seng433.Antonio Jose Roxas
390.Jivatram H. Surtani 434.Sy Tian Suy
391.Ong Doon Aie 435.Sy Chay Seng
392.Frank Gooding 436.David Hua Cua
393.Evelyn V. A. Lim Lua 437.Uy Hian Beng James
394.Lua Pue Siong 438.Cresencio Yap
395.Rosalia Villa-Abrille Lim439.Tan-Ao @ Mariano Lee & Mariano Lama
396.Carolyn Lim Lua440.Betty Lim Paulino
397.Lum Pun441.Joan Yu
398.Raymundo Wong Lo442.David Sy
399.Felix Uy443.Javier Aldecoa Osteicoe-
400.Edward Sha444.Marcel Howe Vantomme
401.Aquilino L. So445.Serafin Lim Cu
402.Andres Uy446.Jovencio Hao
403.Ramon Dy Liacio T. Chuaunser447.Philip Uy Kee Bieng
404.Benito Cheng Chan448.Gaw Beng
405.Hung Po Lo449.Ng Hong
406.Nelia Lee450.Maria T. Chua
407.Natividad P. Yu451.Aquilino Dino
408.Murlindhar Gangaram Ramchandani452.Wang Tin Hian

Page Six of Annex A of P.D. No. 836

453.Carmen Siang Ko-Tan497.Pua Chay
454.Henry Po Chi Doo498.Simeon Sy
455.Wong Uy499.Rosendo Sy
456.Gregorio Tiu500.Chan Kien Hai
457.Cua Hian Lim501.Helen Abramova Schmidt
458.Go Hua Lam503.Walfredo Yu
459.Benjamin Sun Ong504.Yu Lin Tong
460.Serafin Go Chi506.Tan Ching
461.Faustino Ong507.Aguiles Go @ Ng Chu Kian
462.Pedro L. Wong508.Christine Cang
463.Dionisio Young509.Peter G. Cang, Jr.
464.Carmelita Jubilo Young510.Carolyn Go Cang
465.Cecilia Ting511.Shankermal Punjabi
466.Henry Cu512.Tarachand Hundoma Mansukhani
467.Paulino Que513.Vitang Gan Gui Yu
468.Chan Eng Chuan514.Yu Kok Eng
469.Cu Un Ching515.Chiu-Chung Chen
470.Antonio Sia516.Bernard C. Chuah
471.Andres Ong517.Tan Sieng Chuan
472.Fidel Tan518.Zacarias So
473.Nieves Yu Lim Hung519.Sui Hoc Sy
474.Ang Siu Kheng520.Manuelito Tio Uy
475.Sy Sing Kuan521.Johnny So San Hong
476.Bonifacio Lim Sila 522.Wong Wee Hong
477.Marshall Ongteco 523.Sunder Lalchand Mukhi
478.Elisa Lim 524.Eduardo L. Quan
479.Oscar Lim 525.Hakumal Nebhraj Budhrani
480.Henry Sy Soan Ui 526.Judy Lim
481.Asuncion Jao 527.Anne Valentina Say
482.Cesar Leong 528.Marcial Ang Sy g Heng
483.Chu Jar Shu 529.Ngo Ah Sui @ Rosendo
484.Silvestre Tan530.Jane Tiu
485.Jose Tan 531.Uy Sam
486.Jesus Shi Juin Bee 532.Luis Lim
487.Henry Sy 533.Trinidad Yu Siong
488.Lolita Tan 534.Letty Go
489.Juanito Sy 535.Fr. Marcelino Z. Mayor Oar
490.King Tian Uy Yu 536.Jose Rodrigal Varez y Casado
491.Chua Cho Dy 537.Francisco I. Campo
492.Paul Teh 538.Lua Ka Ken
493.Delfin Qua 539.So Peng Tiam
494.John L. Soon 540.Celestino Roxas S. Barreto
495.Andrew N. Yap 541.Chan Hua Pin
496.Benito Pua542.Manuel Kho

Page Seven of Annex A of P.D. No. 836

543.Ricardo Chui589.Jose Sy
544.Esther Yo King Ko Tomas590.Peter Sy
545.Henry Jao591.Eduardo Chua
546.Gil T. Jao592.Vicente Yu Sam, Jr.
547.Yap Loc593.Pacita Yu Sam
548.Chek Yap594.Uy Chip Sun
549.Basil Tee595.Sy Se Hiong
550.Tee Suy596.Sy Siok Hui
551.Siong Peng Lee597.Gregorio Que
552.Jesus Lem Kim Lim598.Lim Let
553.Lim Tong Lim599.Gregorio Go Chua
554.Melito Kho Tan600.Benito Co
555.Juanito Kho Tan601.Ricardo Lo
556.Pedro de Sagestasoloa602.Ong Pue Sea
557.Ong Eng603.Ngo Kok Cho
558.Ngo Tian Lai604.Silvio Tiu
559.Co Lieng Giok605.Go Cheng Ti
560.Co Liong Sian606.Fermin Ty
561.Kho Liong Manuel Pic607.Andres Chao
562.Wilson Co608.Oscar Siao Chi
563.Donaldo G. Ong609.Sy Kian Tiok
564.Lim Se Chun610.Genoveva So Chan Too Sy
565.Domingo Lim611.Chieng Yen
566.Teresita Tin Yeung612.Manuel Co
567.Elizabeth T. Lim613.Huang Man Eng
568.Robert Tiu Co614.Venancio Sim
569.Danny Yan615.Bonifacio Tan Chuan Ko
570.Jimmy Yan616.David Cotingco
571.Juan Tian Chiok617.Lim Siok Kieng
572.Dimingo Dy618.Domingo K. Li
573.Diminga Chua619.Ernesto King Li
574.Charles Go Cheng To620.Jao Tadem
575.Anunciacion L. Yap 621.Marcelino Dy Ning, Jr.
576.Teresita Sy Yu 622.Ng Uy
577.Lucio Chen 623.Jose Sy
578.Fe Chen 624.Henry Du
579.Freddy Co 625.Ton Go, Jr.
580.Andy Co 626.Ricardo Leong
581.Domingo Ng 627.Jacinto Uy Tian Hua, Jr.
582.Lawrence Yek-Lim See628.Miguel Olivan
583.Wee-To-Chu 629.Adolfo Lim Olivan
584.Ernesto Teng 630.Jose Tee
585.See Lin 631.Baby Ang Kok
586.Peter Lynn Ruebenfeldt632.Chua Eng Hong
587.Alfred Yek Sui See 633.Lucas Ty
588.Kenneth Kee Yao See 634.Josefina Espinosa See

Page Eight of Annex A of P.D. No. 836

635.Robert Chiang680.Ong Le Chin
636.Ben C. Chiang681.Uy Tiong Ho
637.Arnold Pe682.Maurice D. Lim
638.Harry Pe683.Irene D. Lim
639.Michael Pe684.Siy Siu Suan
640.James Pe685.Elsa Manzano Lee
641.Camilo Pe686.Bhagwandas Manghanmal Mirani
642.Pe Bo Tan687.Susana Tio Cio Lan
643.Dy Ching @ Domingo Dy688.Cesar Tio Ceo Le
644.Que Ty689.Basilia Tio Ceo Gem
645.Ang Cheng Tionsun690.Rufino Tio Ceo Fin
646.Ang Cheng Tionhong691.Lim Sin Kim
647.Ang Cheng Tionuy692.Gilbert C. Gaw
648.Luke Kho693.Rodolfo Teo
649.Henry So694.Tan Chiong Ben
650.Lim Mee Yung695.Goo Chin
651.Henry Chan Li696.Ang Guat
652.Juanita M. Kong697.Maria Salome Trapaga Lopez
653.Restituto M. Kong698.Syya Sy Ong @ Sy Yao
654.Adelaida M. Kong699.Rosa G. Tieng
655.Marcial Tan Ang Kok700.Victoria C. Si
656.Gaw Chu701.Boon Buan Hy
657.Tan Beng Tong702.Teng Lim Tuan
658.Jose Ramon F. Perdigon703.Kwong Bon Wie
659.Fabian C. Vela704.Felipe Au
660.Indalecio Alejo705.Harbans Kaur Singh
661.Domingo Ortega Deniz706.Go Pek Keak
662.Cwa Sin Koc707.Yu Hua We
663.Albino Lee708.Shirley Tan Lim
664.Ruby Lee709.Celerino Yu Seco
665.Miguel Angel Cano710.Sulpicio Yu
666.Vilino Go711.Chio Ti Khoo
667.Jose Lee712.Basilio Sy Barreto
668.Yap Kek Kiong713.Alexander Ngo
669.Martian Yeo Lo Kang714.Lenelda T. Yap
670.Domingo Le Tan715.David Wu
671.Lolita S. Chua-Tan716.Ko Tian Nam
672.Pacita Chew Ang717.Hotchand Murjani
673.Huang In Uy718.Tony Chua
674.Chin Tiok Ty719.Lolita Sio Le Bee
675.Jimmy Yaokasin720.Nannet Sio Soy Seng
676.Marshall C. Ongtaco 721.Ko Sui Hiong
677.Selly Cham Siong Did 722.Benjamin Say Hisek
678.Antonio Tee 723.Llonel Say Hison
679.Philip Cu Chua 724.Richard Say Hilue

Page Nine of Annex A of P.D. No. 836

725.Anthony Say Hee Liam771.Ortega Chua
726.Chu King He772.Cecilia Tan Chua
727.Yu An Log773.Sylvia Ho
728.Oscar Ng Tsai774.Mercedes Ho
729.Nicasio G. Chua775.Lourdes Pei
730.Tiak Chuan C. Tan776.Ang Kian Kong
731.Uy Tian It777.Tan Ban Chua
732.Mary Amin Uy778.Tan Kek Men
733.Siao Tick Chong779.Tan Kek Sian
734.Jose Ma. Juangco Lopetequi780.Tan Kek Hui
735.Chua Ling781.Arsenio Chua
736.Manuel Quin y Lo782.Robert Chua Sy
737.Sy Peng Hong783.Juan Sy
738.Ramon Sy Hun Liang784.Go Que Cay
739.Ting Kim Peng785.Polly L. Lim
740.Fernando Gan Tiong Kang786.Chang Wong Po
741.Yu Ah Seh787.Lim Elise
742.Rufo Pua Uy788.Sherwin T. Lim
743.Serafin Wong789.Eugene T. Lim
744.Chan Kee790.Clarence T. Lim
745.Patricio Chua Yu Yee791.Hong Li Dy
746.Lim Hua792.Dy Song Bee
747.Choa Yam793.Madeleine Yang Hong Jou
748.Antonio Dy Ching Bing794.Florentina Chuang
749.Jeofre H. Chan Siu Fie795.Nena Co
750.Amado Ngo Uan Biao796.Alex Soto Chua Siong Kun
751.Sheurak Detaram797.Lu So Luan
752.Henry C. Que798.Lily Ngo
753.Chua Luisa Tan799.Tong Yap O. Pua
754.Yong Son Co800.Vicente Cheng
755.Richard Chua Velasco801.Tan Tuy Cuan
756.Choa Keng Kee802.Kwok Jen Wai
757.Ong Kim Bing803.Chuah Poe
758.Cua Bing804.William Sy
759.Alberto Yu805.Sita Sehwani Advani
760.Juanito Yu806.Yan Hang
761.Danilo Yu Chao807.Tan Eng Hok
762.Lim Suy Yee808.Siy Thian Cho
763.Victory Que809.Lucio Yan
764.Que Fi Luan810.Clara Yan
765.Peping See811.Pablito Tiu Chua
766.Leong Kock Tong812.Nieves T. Hao
767.Sarjit Kaur813.Benito Hao
768.Gurcharn Singh814.Tiu Tiak Sing
769.Sarjit Singh815.Benita Chua Ko
770.Helen Qua816.Antonio Chua Ko

Page Ten of Annex A of P.D. No. 836

817.Ong Bok Tin863.Quintin Go
818.Yellin Yap864.Walker Go
819.Nelly Lo 865.Sally Tee
820.Lim O 866.Lee Chiok Meng
821.Ismael Lim867.Lee Chiok Chido
822.Nellie Lim868.Lee Chiok Fai
823.Sao Pin Lim869.Lorenzo Po Wee
824.Tan Wee Cheng870.Jesus P. Tan
825.Dimmy Young871.Sebastian L. Yap
826.Rafael Del Pan872.Chung Poe Kee
827.Lim Ka Ming873.Rojas Chua
828.Miguel A. Manrique874.Loreto Lu Khan
829.Robert Poh875.Arlene Huang
830.Leung Hing Wan876.Antonio Go
831.Bonifacio Romualdez877.Francisco Tan
832.Asteria Sia Qui-Yao878.Cesar Tan
833.Salvador Co Ling879.Ching Peng Kun
834.Lea L. Co880.Yu Siu Kheng
835.Edgar Co881.Robert Q. Lee
836.Melquiades Tan882.Po Kian Ko
837.Bayani Tiu883.Stephen Dy Pico Sy
838.Corazon Tan Tiu884.Nancy Uy
839.Antonio Uy y Chua885.Isabelito Siy
840.Chu Lee Sun886.Filomeno Siy
841.William T. C. Hsieh887.Henrietta Lim Gan
842.Chua Bun Hiok888.Wilfredo Gan Lim
843.Tan Kiat Chiu889.Sergio Pe Ong
844.Jaime Sy Chong890.Co Heng Teng
845.Fermin Lim Yap891.Luis Chua Tek
846.Vicente Teng892.Jorge Tan
847.Cua Kee, Jr.893.Cristina A. Ong
848.Acoba Teng894.Celerino Yu
849.Leh Siu Chuan895.Ang Hu Tam
850.Alfredo Lim Gaw896.Alfonso Chiong Go
851.Macario Lim Gaw897.Carmen Tan Lim
852.Johnny Go898.Carlos Tan
853.Elizabeth Go899.Rufino Tan
854.Robert Tan900.Elena Kuan
855.Vicky C. Haw901.See Kian Ling
856.David Haw902.Uy Siu Lee
857.Robert Haw903.Yu Koc Le
858.Ang Francisco Liao904.Arjan P. Bharwani
859.Roberto Li905.Nita Tan
860.Luring Co906.John Lim
861.Felipe Siong907.Samuel Ang
862.Jimmy Ko908.Tan Eng Hok

Page Eleven of Annex A of P.D. No. 836

909.Laureano L. Lao954.Ram Labhaya
910.Judy Tan955.Julian Lo
911.Li Gim Eng956.Ching Liong U. Yap
912.James Hong To Tan957.William T. Lim
913.Tan Paul Hongphok958.Go Cun Uy
914.Milagros Ong959.Tilokchand Assumal Gangaramani
915.M. Tan Ong960.Jose Lim Eng Chuan
916.Amado T. Tiam-Lee961.Romeo N. Yap
917.Abeto T. Tiam-Lee962.Eusebio E. Chua
918.John Sy963.Victor Say Hipek
919.Antonio Chiu Tan964.Yu Chiao Hui
920.Clara Lam 965.Antonio Kong Doromal
921.Gregorio King 966.Ramon Kang Te
922.Ng Kim Boan 967.Co Cho Chun
923.Li Sun Yee 968.Ashok Naraindas Budrani
924.Manuel T. Kee 969.Naraindas G. Budhrani
925.Gabet Jao 970.Jose Lim
926.Julian Ong Buan 971.Venancia Go Lim
927.Violeta Kua 972.Aurora Lo Sim
928.Yu Sio Eng 973.Ngo Kok Ke
929.Ricardo Gaw 974.Nua Eng Guan
930.Alfredo Gaw 975.Yu Y. Chiu
931.James Kho976.Jimmy Tan
932.Paulino Tang Siy977.Lu Kia
933.Helen Chua978.Oscar Co Beng
934.Dolores Sy979.Dy Chi Hing
935.Jose Ramon Faustmann980.Benito Lim Chao
936.Mario Ching Eng Liu981.Kwok Cheung
937.William Ang982.James Chung On
938.Dolores Ang983.Kwok Man
939.Benito Ang Bun Huat984.Solomon Ko
940.Bieng Pho Ngo985.Tan Chieng
941.Benito Lee986.Roberto Ongsensing
942.Alejandro Lee987.Chua Kian Ben
943.Hannah Po988.Go A Leng
944.Sy Bun Pin989.Benjamin T. Lim
945.Agrifina Velasco-Lim990.Jose Lim Bunju
946.Jesus Lua991.Lee Lian Au, Jr.
947.Bhagwanti V. Murjani992.Ernesto T. Luy
948.Murari B. Melwani993.Luy Kim Seng
949.Jasmel Kaur Dhillon994.Lourdes Mon Ang
950.Chua Gosunshun995.Gabino Ko
951.Arsenia Te Siok Tuan996.Leonardo Benito dos Remedios
952.Que Lu Kiong997.Ricardo Roberto dos Remedios
953.Felimon Y. Uy

Page Twelve of Annex A of P.D. No. 836

998.Gustavo Alberto dos Remedios1042.Josefina Tiu
999.Chong Gam Hong1043.Felimon U. Ang
1000.Jayme Tan y Co1044.Tan Suy Tin
1001.Roberto Tin1045.Tahilram Jashanmal Balani
1002.Santos Tin1046.Antonio Chua Bang
1003.Adolfo Dy1047.Alfredo Lu Chua
1004.Maxima Sia y Lim1048.Peter Tan Lian Chai
1005.Henry Yao y Uy1049.Lorenzo Chung
1006.Rosita C. Lao1050.Virginia Lim
1007.Shirley Auyong Chuan Go1051.Huay Sy Yu
1008.Vicente Chua1052.Guillermo Chua Kho
1009.Juan Dy1053.Enrique L. Pe
1010.Nicasio Cheng1054.Gerardo L. Pe
1011.Lee Fook1055.Jiwatram D. Sadhwani
1012.Manuel Co Keh Yeng1056.Ligaya King Kaw
1013.Jacinto Ng1057.Alexander S. Co
1014.Jose Chua Pao1058.Antonio Tchoi
1015.Ngo Tian1059.Maximino S. Uy
1016.Victor Y. Tan1060.Ricardo G. Co
1017.Leopoldo Sy 1061.Devidass P. Sahijwani
1018.Jose Uy 1062.Rosario Luy Ong
1019.Francisco Tan 1063.Manuel Tan Jo
1020.Benito Uy 1064.Chugani L. Ladho
1021.Angeles Go 1065.Vicente Ramon Go
1022.Rufino Lim Bon Pin 1066.Go Gan Kuan
1023.Maria Sui Soat Tan1067.Udharam Valiram Thakur
1024.Tan Sui Kheng 1068.Naraindas Gagoomal
1025.Antonio Dee See 1069.Leoncio Go
1026.Esteban Dee See 1070.Murli Jhamatmal Sabnani
1027.Victoria Go y Poh 1071.Bulchand Menghraj Jagwani
1028.Nelson H. King1072.Kho Tiong Fue
1029.Fr. Juan J. Goicochea1073.Mario Sy
1030.Yee Men Siao 1074.Tiu K. Tal
1031.Robert Ngkaion1075.Tim K. Fisc
1032.Angel Ruiz de Dulasto1076.Wilson Chua
1033.Eduardo Guerra Perez1077.Marilyn Co
1034.Pieng Chan Tan 1078.Lilia Co
1035.Mariano Lim Pua1079.Que Tee Tiao
1036.Tiong Gam Sia, M.D.1080.Concepcion del Rosario Lim
1037.Fidelino C. Lim1081.Alonso Lim Tan
1038.Domingo Cu1082.Delia Lim Tan
1039.Antonio Sy Tan1083.Corazon Lim Tan
1040.James Ong KIng Siong1084.Jesus Lim Tan
1041.Ong Bio Siong1085.Lao Han Liong

Page Thirteen of Annex A of P.D. No. 836

1086.Teng Kim Tong1132.Rafael T. Chip
1087.Tan Hua1133.Victor Chip
1088.Yao Beng Tiat1134.Leoncio Chip
1089.Maximo Y. Chua1135.Ramon Chip
1090.Vicente Chua1136.Jose Ignacio Puco y Longa
1091.Susana del Rosario Lim1137.Beatriz Tan
1092.James Chiao Jin Huang1138.Ricardo Chua
1093.Leung Fat1139.Eulogio Euqui Chua
1094.So Peng Chay y Ngo1140.Rodolfo Chua Te
1095.Aurora Dy1141.Corazon Chua Te de Vera
1096.Manuel Dy1142.Wilson Chu
1097.Eduardo Siy1143.Uy Yu Muy
1098.Antonio Hao1144.Natividad Qua
1099.Chan Kok Thai1145.Becker P. Young
1100.Marciano C. Chan1146.Tan Sing
1101.Chan de Giat1147.Jaime Ravalo Go Hok
1102.Felix Tong1148.Arsenio Lim Yap
1103.Dante Sy1149.Carlita Generoso Yap
1104.Jesusa Sia1150.John Tio
1105.William Lim1151.Ong Teng
1106.Benjamin Lim Chew1152.Lim Han Eng
1107.Teresita Tan1153.Teresito Ho Te
1108.Tan Lin Kuan1154.Tomas Kua
1109.Yu Koo Hua1155.Luis Chua
1110.Ajit Singh Rye1156.Go Hua Tam
1111.Coo Giok Eng1157.Carmen Go
1112.Esteban Co1158.Zenaida Go
1113.Ma. Luisa Coo1159.Lee Tay, Jr.
1114.Ernesto Co Lim 1160.Federico Jao Tan
1115.Ng So Tam 1161.Pedro Ong Tian Sang
1116.Benjamin Vidal Ong 1162.Philip Greenfield
1117.Ong Ka Hiong 1163.Aurora Lim Tan
1118.Guillermo Lee 1164.Ernesto Lindy Tan
1119.Kwang Wai Chung On1165.Robert Tan
1120.John See 1166.Co Chi Thing
1121.Tan Seng Kok1167.Henry L. Ko
1122.Henry Dy 1168.George Ang Yok Khim
1123.Eugenio Lee Tiao Tong1169.Ng Lun Him
1124.Feliciano Lee1170.Aniceto S. Uy
1125.Felino Lee y Yang 1171.Antonio Uy
1126.Leoncio Cua 1172.Benito Lim Chua Bon Wan
1127.Primitivo Yao Ling Tan1173.Cu Tian Sek
1128.Kishinchand T. Melwani1174.Ching Huat
1129.Benito Chan 1175.Olivia K. Saw
1130.Chug Eng Hua 1176.Meriam Sy Co
1131.Lorenzo Chua Chan 1177.See Chong

Page Fourteen of Annex A of P.D. No. 836

1178.Gregorio See Ragos1224.Eng Lee Que
1179.Tan Song Bok1225.Que Eng Chun
1180.Tan Cue1226.Vicente Que, Jr.
1181.Nunilon Yap1227.Sabino Go Sy Yu
1182.Yu Koh Eng1228.Miguel Teo
1183.Ernesto Tan1229.Rizal Teo
1184.Dicky Lim1230.Gregorio Teo
1185.Ho Beng Hui1231.Joseph Teo
1186.Antonio Sy Lee Yong1232.Teo Chi Hua
1187.Dorothy Ching1233.Corazon Lee
1188.Alexander Que Coo1234.Peter T. Lee
1189.Editha Yao Tansingco1235.Rufino Ko Pio
1190.Linda Lim1236.William Tan
1191.Samson Lim1237.It Bun Ki
1192.Johnson Go1238.John Joseph Phelan, S.J.
1193.Elizabeth Ong1239.Rafael Ong, Jr.
1194.Anita Co1240.Salvador L. Chiu
1195.Catalino Tan Hao1241.Henry Chiu
1196.Jimmy Ang1242.Tuta Ricardo Sung
1197.Ramon Cheng Quioc Too1243.Manuel Yap
1198.Ng Hok1244.Ong Beng To
1199.Ty Chi Kim1245.Aurelio Sia
1200.Domingo Uy1246.Jose Ten
1201.William L. Chan1247.Hao York Eng
1202.Nicetas Ng1248.Jualiana Sy
1203.Lim Chuy Keck1249.Tan Ban Teng
1204.Verge Uy Chua1250.Ho Yet
1205.Natividad S. Yu1251.Ong Tick Ye
1206.Paulina Co1252.Rubi Choa
1207.Filomena T. Cang1253.Paulino Gaw
1208.Tan Le1254.Yu Siao Co
1209.Domingo Uy1255.Emme Lim
1210.Lao Eng Guan1256.Cua Yia
1211.Ong Le Pho1257.Lolita Chua
1212.Simon C. Wong1258.Co Lip
1213.Antonio Juan Loa1259.Milagros Ngo
1214.Pablo Ng Tan Liu 1260.Rogelio Ngo
1215.Juanito Sy 1261.Eva Duke Lay
1216.Huy Ching 1262.Ruben Lua
1217.Du Eng Ching 1263.Tonny L. Chan
1218.Chua Tuan 1264.Filemon Tan
1219.Teodulo T. Lim Young 1265.Mary Lim
1220.Sia Suy Hiong 1266.Harry Lim
1221.Que Eng Kiat 1267.Tan Eng Chong
1222.Leoncia Que y Ong 1268.Bhagchand Jashanmal Balani
1223.Francisco Que

Page Fifteen of Annex A of P.D. No. 836

1269.Lim Bun Yan1312.Co Su Gian
1270.Maria Consolacion Garcia1313.Cresencia Javier
1271.Lo Guan Kay1314.Benito Mesina
1272.Elena Ngo1315.Sy Leng Bin
1273.Tina Yu1316.Nanikram Hiranand
1274.Lim Bieng Tong1317.Haris Nandwani
1275.Consuelo Ng Teng1318.Nariandas Thanwandas Chablani
1276.Eugene Ong1319.Thakurdas B. Thaku Mayani
1277.Josephine Tan Pe1320.Tan Pe Ding
1278.Pacita Tan Pe1321.Co Ting Hong
1279.Ma. Lourdes Tan Pe1322.Co Ting Chu
1280.John Goh1323.Co Ting Pian
1281.Pua Buan1324.Sy Tian Un
1282.Robert Tan1325.Eduardo Chu
1283.Tan Ching Ki1326.Perlita Lee y Go
1284.Chua To1327.Nora Sia Cantos
1285.Bonifacio Wong1328.Emilia Sia
1286.Sergio Tio Ceo Liong1329.Rita Sia
1287.Sy Seng Ka1330.Sia Hong Tie
1288.Ngo Hian Beng1331.Lim King Ho
1289.Cristino Lo1332.Lee Be
1290.Andres P. Dy Kianhuy1333.Roberto Tan
1291.Yan Kiu1334.Sio Tiat Yiong
1292.Dolores Casas Lao1335.Victor Yee Sayag
1293.Emilio Lao1336.Danilo Gutierrez
1294.Paciano Tangco, Jr.1337.Francisco Gitierrez
1295.Tan Tian Siu1338.Reynato Gutierrez
1296.Sofia Go1339.Ang Cho Gee
1297.Tan Tian Kuan1340.Leona Sy Ding Yan Co Say
1298.Tan Kok Puan1341.Felipe Cu Yek Po
1299.Lily Tan Tian Kuan1342.Vicente Cua
1300.Tan Kok Gui1343.Go Yeng
1301.Lolita Tan1344.Manuel So
1302.Tan Kok Lun1345.Victor So
1303.Vicente Tan (Tan Kok Siong)1346.Harkasendas Dhalamal
1304.James Chung1347.Rajan Dulamal
1305.Yu Kian Chung1348.Lorenzo Tan Ng
1306.Quintin Tiu1349.Jesus Lu Wee
1307.Simeon Fekler Perminoff1350.Yu Kue Ko Son
1308.Rolando Ty1351.Devidas F. Amarnani
1309.Rogelio Cua1352.Niranand Eshwardas Uttamchandani
1310.Mamerto Ong Cua Kim Hoc 1353.Roopchand Fatabchand Amarnani
1311.Dolly Wee

Page Sixteen of Annex A of P.D. No. 836

1354.Arjan Kalachand Abichandani1398.Adelaido de Guzman
1355.Ramchand Satramdas Sadhwani1399.Ching Kiat Yoc
1356.Chibiao Tan, Jr.1400.Henry Lim
1357.Daniel Chan Go1401.Ao Yong Eng Hua Lim
1358.Que Puan1402.Vicenta Ching
1359.Go Siao1403.Albino Ching
1360.Teresita Bayle Tan1404.Elson Siao
1361.Lion Hok Koe1405.Agustin Go
1362.Chan Chan1406.Alejandro Lim
1363.Elena Ty1407.Julie Sy Suan
1364.Ramon Ong1408.Jane Sy Suan
1365.Ang Tiam Tek1409.Henry Sy Suan
1366.Paz Agustina Te1410.George B. Chao
1367.Joan Chai Chu1411.Erlinda Ng Thoe
1368.Agapito Chu1412.Niu Kok Keng
1369.Kishinchand Chanshamdas Lalwani1413.Nelson Sy
1370.Hao Teng1414.Leticia Militar Ly
1371.Shirley Que1415.Lo Lai Go
1372.Johnie Leung1416.Jusino O. Cu
1373.Mariano Lao Mah Ho1417.Basilio Po Wee
1374.Yu Kok Lian1418.Ko Go
1375.Tin Chio1419.See Pin
1376.Uong U1420.Cosme Go
1377.Paulino Ong Cua1421.Juanito Go
1378.Eduardo Chin1422.Luisa Ang
1379.Henry Chin1423.Jose Pedro Tan Hok Ban
1380.Carlos Lu1424.Manuel Tan Hok Ben
1381.Alberto Lim1425.Sy Se Tiong
1382.Maria Sun Yu1426.Felipe Recato Dy
1383.Corazon Son1427.Sy Kim Leng
1384.Lily Li1428.Antonio Ong Kuationg
1385.Li Tong Pek1429.Roberto R. Go
1386.Martinez Co1430.Chua Naty Tan
1387.Consuelo S. Lim1431.Chua Huan Eng
1388.Lee Hiong Wee1432.Alfredo Choa
1389.Po Sing Hing1433.Miguel Tan
1390.Chang-Lian Hui1434.Lui Ta Jen
1391.William Tan Te1435.Cheong Chu Bing
1392.Santiago Avena1436.Chiong Sun Wee
1393.Vicente O. Abena1437.Lelly Go
1394.Tomasa Avena1438.Radha Dalomal
1395.Felipe Avena1439.Henry Tan
1396.Cirilo Tan1440.Ho Dong Naw
1397.Alfonso de Guzman1441.Martha B. Chan y Baingan

Page Seventeen of Annex A of P.D. No. 836

1442.Remedios Lo1486.Benito Chua
1443.Chiu Sia Haw1487.Frederik Nan Dirk Fermin
1444.Juan See1488.Elizer R. Ram
1445.Foo Ying Ho1489.Romeo Si
1446.Ng Al1490.Frederick Kenneth Day Ong, Jr.
1447.Kemning Chang1491.Yu Ytiak
1448.Nilda Tan1492.Felisa Sun
1449.Mining Ng Tan 1493.Simeon Tin y Beitia
1450.Juan Chion Uy 1495.Ang Chao Lim
1451.John Qua 1496.Liao Hong Bun
1452.Eli Cong 1497.Jose Chua
1453.Daniel Cong 1498.Jaime Chua Tiu
1454.Co Sin Ben 1499.Jose Lim Chua
1455.Lim Ching Bio 1500.Pinsing Ng Chua
1456.Pedro Morro y Sotelo1501.Pansy Lim Ang
1457.Jose Antonio de Zaldumbide1502.Richard Ang
1458.Johnson Chan1503.Helen Lim King
1459.Fausto Brugada Uy1504.Lillian Lim
1460.Jose Liang Almonte, Jr.1505.Ng Ah Chin
1461.Florentino Virgilio Liqueta1506.Lo Yong
1462.Celestino Te Siao1507.Susana Co
1463.Chow Sin1508.Lao Siu Bun
1464.Sy Tian Poo1509.Hilario Cheng Liong
1465.Melchor Go1510.Vicente Cheng Liong
1466.Yu Ki Hock1511.Manuel Cheng
1467.Ong Bin Kiong1512.Kuo Ching Yuan
1468.Francis So1513.Ramon Te
1469.Kue Cuison1514.Felisa Tan Lu
1470.Yi Ching Hsuan1515.Belinda Bautista Tan Pintal
1471.Chua Ke Say1516.Eufronio Lu
1472.Uy Kui Guat1517.Juanito O. Khan
1473.Lai Chuk Fong1518.Ty Giok Hua
1474.Ramon Lee Ho1519.Luisa Dy
1475.Aw Te1520.Benito Ong Huan
1476.Johnny Dy Ning1521.Tan Tek Han
1477.Dy Cheng Bon Chuan1522.Danny Yu
1478.Delfin Dy1523.Tomas Tan Lo
1479.Dim Kin Sing Chua1524.Chua Hi
1480.Yao Chi Lin1525.Dick Chua
1481.Juanita Chua1526.Fidel Que Ang
1482.Erlinda Chua1527.Lucy Tan Gaw Ang
1483.Lawrence Yap1528.Chua Hao
1484.Antonio Lee1529.Rufino Lu
1485.Lu Kieng1530.Victoria Lu

Page Eighteen of Annex A of P.D. No. 836

1531.Quirino S. Wy1572.Lee Son Lin
1532.Alfredo Wong Wy1573.Tomas Ching
1533.Ang Tong Ping1574.Narciso Tiu
1534.Lazaro S. Wy1575.Linda Kem King Chua
1535.Lachmi Daswani1576.Hannah Ong
1536.Kishinchand J. Dadlani1577.Inocencio Arevalo y
1537.Alex Chua1578.Norbert T. Chang
1538.Ligaya Ng Lim1579.Long You
1539.Mario Ng Lim1580.Sergio Tan
1540.Jose Freddy Ko1581.Benito Teng
1541.Eriberto H. Tan1582.Domingo Teng
1542.Herminio H. Tan1583.Alberto Yee Sayag
1543.Gil Ang1584.Tolaram Goraldas
1544.Cesar Kiok Ong1585.Chandru Tolaram Budhrani
1545.Purita Siu Hung Teng1586.Isabelo Saavedra Ting Tan
1546.Nathurmal Chellaram Mirchandam 1587.Thelma Saavedra
1547.Teng Hoa Lim 1588.Celia Saavedra (Sioc Ti)
1548.David Garcia Gil 1589.So Chin Le
1549.Pedro Uy 1590.Si Cheng Cog
1550.Chua Bun Hioc 1591.Salvacion Ang Arcilla
1551.Tan Eng Chin1592.Natividad Sy Who
1552.Abel Tiu Ong 1593.Go Chi Kiong
1553.Jose Tiu Ong1594.Ty Cheng
1554.Fernando Tiu Tan 1595.Jimmy S. Gan
1555.Lai Chuk Wa 1596.Soledad Sta. Ana Yu Chang
1556.Elvin Ong Samson 1597.Pang Cha Quen
1557.Vicky Sy Yap 1598.Ramon Co
1558.James Qua 1599Shirley Wee
1559.Trifena C. Kho 1600.Ernesto Kaw
1560.Remedios M. King1601.Buxani Hotchand Lachu
1561.Tan Tai1602.Nari Genomal
1562.Frederick Ong1603.Sunder Genomal Hernandez
1563.Cherry Ong1604.Ramesh Genomal
1564.Beatriz Lee1605.Tee Kong Piao
1565.Manuel O1606.Ramon Te Se La Ngo La Te
1566.Tan Ka1607.Ramon Te, Jr.
1567.Rosalina Cua Suoc Ching Ngo1608.Chua Go Piao
1568.Efstratios Konstantinos Koudroglou1609.Chow Ping
1569.Ngo Tong Hiao1610.Ong Bun Kee Budhrani
1570.Ong Ye Piec1611.Henry Sy Co
1571.Maria Cristina Angelita Bachiller De Kahn1612.Roberto Co

Page Nineteen of Annex A of P.D. No. 836

1613.Go Hui Hong1655.Relmelia Wong
1614.Benjamin Yan1656.Ligaya Tan
1615.Francisco Chen1657.Irene Yorobe Chu Lee
1616.Jose Chen1658.Tian Po
1617.Sergio Chen1659.Fluterlita Pak Cong
1618.Domingo Chen1660.Daria A. Natividad
1619.Manuel Chen1661.Benito Coliamco Lioc
1620.Victor C. Yu1662.Juanito Coliamco Lioc
1621.Po Ching Ho1663.Cheng Yao Lim
1622.Kenneth Wong Leung1664.Pedro Go
1623.Kwek Chi Ta1665.Antonio Go
1624.Amalia Yu-Choa1666.Ong Heng
1625.Vicente Tan Go1667.Rosita Ang
1626.Henry Tan Go1668.Tee Chin Ka
1627.Swainie Go Yu1669.Joaquin Ong
1628.Manuel Yap, Jr.1670.Te Leng Leng
1629.Chan Yu Tiok1671.Se Siao Ho
1630.Danny Lim Chan1672.Te Seng Hua
1631.Benito Lim1673.Kiantat Sian
1632.Santiago Escurra P. de Fontecha1674.Angela Leatriz Uy Yu
1633.Narciso Llamazares y Reguera1675.Tan Chuan Bok
1634.Ngo Seng 1676.Tan Lian
1635.Pedro Domingo Uy 1677.Chan Le
1636.Francisco Ong 1678.Emiliana Andrade Tan
1637.Dolores Ortega 1679.Zosimo Go Tiu
1638.Eliseo Tan 1680.Sy Sun Ho
1639.Conchita Lo Ang 1681.Donnie Dionisio Young
1640.William King 1682.Tan Bon Siong
1641.Go Lee Ay 1683.Albino Ching
1642.Jaime C. Go 1684.Conchita Ong
1643.Lo Shing Tong 1685.Si Yan Ti
1644.Jo Anton 1686.Antonio K. Soontit
1645.Emma Ong 1687.Ramesh Thakurdas Amarnani
1646.Ong Bongien 1688.Thakurdas Tirithdas Amarnani
1647.Ong Bon Teck 1689.Ang Tiao Hok
1648.Posseg Ong 1690.Gue Hoo
1649.Maximo Co 1691.Henry S. Ong
1650.Josefina Ng 1692.Paciencia de Vega Go
1651.Corazon Ng 1693.Go Eng Uy
1652.Mohni L. Chugani Pribhdas1694.Lino Chan
1653.Ang An Ping 1695.Jaikishin Shewakram Mahtani
1654.Celia Wong 1696.Alejandro Sim

Page Twenty of Annex A of P.D. No. 836

1697.Martin Sua1742.Gregorio P. Uy
1698.Elias Chee1743.Franklin L. Uy
1699.David Tze Wae Wu1744.Benjamin L. Tan
1700.Niceto Te1745.Saw Lim
1701.Paula Joseph Baerts1746.Chiu Hap Chiu
1702.Aurora Emilia Ching1747.Lim Chin Hui
1703.Sy E. Ting1748.Eustaquia Lui
1704.Maria Lily Co1749.Roderick Lui Ngo
1705.Hao Bio Kun1750.John Ang Luy
1706.Wilson Ho1751.Po Tin Lu Go
1707.So Giok1752.Jesus Lu
1708.Rodrigo Sy1753.Chin Bon Lu
1709.Henry Siao1754.Uy Hoc Ho
1710.Sy Bing Gui1755.Quirino T. Uy
1711.Lusing Sy1756.Ty Eng Hua
1712.Ang Chio Chun1757.Ong Chian Suy
1713.Ang Mary Ann1758.Kumar B. Sujanani
1714.Charles Ang1759.Shewakram Mangharam
1715.Te Lim Ling1760.Delfin T. Go
1716.James So1761.Co Chio
1717.Kiong Loc Teng1762.Oscar Lee
1718.Alen Co1763.Mary Brenda Flahive
1719.Tee Ke Chui1764.Bengson Chua y Ong
1720.Fr. Francisco Aldama, OAR1765.Choa Kang
1721.Fr. Esteban G. Rodriguez1766.Angel Dy
1722.Go Sang Goy1767.Leoncio Ko
1723.Li Seng Hui1768.Betty Ko
1724.Pessumal Fatehchand1769.Henry Ko
1725.Ku Be1770.Elena Ko
1726.Su Kong Wee1771.Benjamin Yap
1727.Antonio Cheng So1772.Juanito Yap
1728.Ramon Cheng So 1773.Daniel Yap
1729.Marcial Tan Hong 1774.Chu Bun Chiao
1730.Lachman Mangharam Bharwani1775.Carlos So
1731.Jennifer Lu 1776.Rosa Tiu
1732.Trinidad Clark Hartman1777.Fernando Lim
1733.Keh Siong 1778.Tomas Y. Lim
1734.Go Sue 1779.Yap Ko
1735.Isabela Co 1780.Rosalina Tan Tiu
1736.Jean Lim Lekeng 1781.Ong Se Ho
1737.Arnulfo L. Sih 1782.Nelia Choa
1738.Emma G. See 1783.Yu Ha
1739.Guadalupe Lim 1784.Marcial Lim Pek Dim
1740.William Gan Hua Lam1785.Po Kim Hong
1741.Tee Kuy Bing 1786.Jimmy Po

Page Twenty-one of Annex A of P.D. No. 836

1787.Tan Lay1833.So Gui San
1788.Ramon Chen1834.Jose Ching Go Lekoh
1789.Consuelo Chen1835.Primitiva E. Tan
1790.Julieta Palacios1836.Fernando So Chua
1791.Emilio Tan Chiu1837.Teresita Cu Young
1792.Jaime P. Bichara1838.Jesus Le Ong
1793.Manuel Te1839.Maria Gue
1794.Bonifacio Te1840.Chua Beng Tek
1795.Arjandas J. Bellani1841.Jaime Ong Samson
1796.Tee Tiong Chiao1842.Tia Y. Ching
1797.Jorge Salvador Racines1843.Manuel Lim Siong Heo
1798.Julius Racines1844.Betty Wong Lim
1799.Betty Sy Lim1845.Cosme King
1800.Bienvenido Lim1846.Gregorio Kaw
1801.Dy Kun Hua1847.Chua Chit
1802.Chua Guan Kiat1848.Jaime Sy
1803.Feliciano Te Ton Lin1849.Ma. Paz Sortigos Tan Lim
1804.Ng Tai a Jose Jao Ng Tai1850.Jovanne Garcia
1805.Antonio Fong Anoy1851.Magdalena Uy
1806.Chiu Cembrano1852.Gerard de Boeck
1807.Chiu Ising Cembrano1853.Simon Lim
1808.Philip Teng1854.Manuel Ong
1809.Nilo Ang Uy1855.William Pierce Klintworth
1810.Tan Pit Shing1856.Ko He Ling
1811.Juan Lim Chua1857.Agustina Kiquete Tan
1812.Hian Chay Te1858.Juliana Tan
1813.Nassomal F. Daswani1859.Wilfred Tan
1814.Joseph Richard Stoops1860.Julia Tan
1815.Jacinto Tan Teh1861.Bhagwandas Dulamal
1816.Alice Ong Tek Yong1862.Asha Chandiramani
1817.Julia Den Tee1863.Alberto Toe Hio
1818.Francisco Lim Pua1864.Felix Ting
1819.Florencio Chua1865.Nelson Tin
1820.Chua Tun Chog1866.Nicolas Ting
1821.Henry Tan1867.Vy Beng Hong
1822.Petronio See1868.Henry Dy
1823.Kin Sang Lim1869.Ngo Uan Loo
1824.Natividad Que Lim1870.Severina Ong
1825.Lim Ramon K1871.Dy Cho Eng
1826.Catalino Po1872.Ho Tiong Ong Lo
1827.Paterno Yap Po 1873.Felix Tan
1828.Jimmy Tiu Que 1874.Sy Koc Liong
1829.Hilario L. Barela 1875.Jose Yap
1830.Lydia L. Ong 1876.Francisco Ong
1831.Tan Cheng San 1877.Vicente L. Lim
1832.Estanislao Yu Yao Can1878.Cecilia Tan

Page Twenty-two of Annex A of P.D. No. 836

1879.Lu Beng Ga1925.Jaime Haw
1880.Pearl Chiu1926.George Ngo
1881.Villa Lee Long1927.Robert W. Cunningham, S.J.
1882.Benita Say Vda. de Lee1928.Nely Ching
1883.Angelita S. Lee1929.Chugani L. Bhagwanti
1884.Tan Yan Dee1930.Bhagwandas Tolaram
1885.Ng Beng Xeng1931.Josefa Hao
1886.Peter Lam1932.Isidoro Be Tek
1887.Francis Tiu Lee1933.Lim Chong Hok
1888.Pablo Tan Hok Sin1934.Milagros Chu Lim
1889.Pedro Tan Tieng1935.George Lim
1890.Lee Su Yeng1936.Hubert Lim
1891.Henry Sy Keng Hun1937.Brace Lim
1892.Mariano Sih Chay Guat1938.Pedro Tan Tiong Sian
1893.Lina Lee1939.Mariano Cu Yak Po
1894.Wellington G. Lim1940.Cu Ho
1895.Estela Sy1941.Wee Po Ting
1896.Siy y Loong1942.Hao Han Hun
1897.Benito Gan1943.Isidro Kaw
1898.Lim Bio Lay1944.Sixto Tan
1899.Nicolas Dala Doxi1945.Ki Sen Yenco
1900.Kiok Suy1946.Lucio Lo
1901.Ernesto Ngo Ching1947.Maria Tan
1902.Cente Uy1948.Lino Chu
1903.Robert Yap1949.Everdina Villanueva Chua
1904.Bonifacio Sy1950.Chu Siu Ja
1905.Victoriano Chua1951.Chu Kia Ty
1906.Cheng Chein Hui1952.Benjamin Ngo
1907.Un Sario1953.Shirley Ngo
1908.Jessie Young1954.Danny G. Uy
1909.Henry Lee Chuy1955.Elena Tang Co
1910.Domingo Que1956.Rosita Yap
1911.Castor D. Tan1957.Co Bio Hing
1912.Chua Tiao1958.Fr. Felix Glowicki
1913.Yiu Guan Tiong1959.Domingo Au
1914.Hing Hui Hong1960.Joseph Atega Kittilstvedt
1915.Bill Hing1961.Go Au An
1916.Antonio Hing1962.Sy Kiam Hiong
1917.Yu Pon Hio1963.Dionisio Lee Ting
1918.Manuel Lim Siu Siong1964.Pua Lim Pin
1919.Virgilio C. Dee1965.Ramon Chua Ying
1920.Tiu Chuan Seng1966.Amado Lua
1921.Anthony George Martin1967.Alfred Te
1922.Milagros Chua Jao1968.Rogelio Te Yu Yiap
1923. no Chan Suad Hong1969.Chew Tung Jak
1924.Chua Sun Lee

Page Twenty-three of Annex A of P.D. No. 836

1970. Jayme Ong2016.Gloria S. Ngo
1971.Angelito Lee2017.Alexander Lin Uy
1972.Renato Lee2018.Benigno Ong
1973.Wilfredo Lee2019.Anita Lay
1974.Simeon Ng Tio2020.Roque So Chu Yook
1975.Ching Cheng Tan2021.So Ling Hui
1976.Marciana King Ong2022.Lim Siok Bee
1977.Castula Ong2023.Benito Chan
1978.Rosita Hing2024.Manolo Agorilla Chua
1979.Cristobal Lua Sia2025.Roman Lo
1980.Virginia Yap2026.Lo Tong
1981.Luz Yap2027.Socorro Chan
1982.Catalina Yap2028.Sy Go
1983.Sy Hong Kiau2029.John Maquilay
1984.Betty Lim Sui2030.Teresita Maquilay
1985.Mariano Lee2031.Benjamin Say Yap
1986.Tan Yao Tiong2032.Lim Tion Yu
1987.Su Yung Ping2033.Arthur Go Dy
1988.Susana Siao2034.Uy Kia Lan
1989.Winslow Edwin Y. Chiu2035.Ngo Ching
1990.Rowena Melansie Y. Shiu2036.Letecia Ngo
1991.Bonifacio Khu2037.Soledad Dy
1992.Cu Chi Yong2038.Luis Lim
1993.Benigna Lao2039.Juanito Lim
1994.Abelardo Go2040.Jose (Lee) Dy
1995.Elizabeth Go2041.Romulo L. Yee
1996.Maximino Lao2042.Antonio Go Tun, Jr.
1997.Ong An y Yu2043.Danton Kho Go
1998.Wilfredo Tan Cembrano2044.Manuel Lo Siao
1999.Liceria Sy2045.Yu Su Pong
2000.Helen Tan Li2046.Oh Hek How
2001.Teresita Tan Li2047.Kwong Lim Ching
2002.Norma Lim2048.Yongo Tan
2003.Angelito Ting2049.Bienvenido Go Bunchip
2004.Alberto Co2050.Teresa Pe Young
2005.Lim Kon Hiong2051.Simeon Yu
2006.Tio Gui2052.Ernesto Koa
2007.Purita Lim de Vera2053.Lee Hong Kun
2008.Jimmy Wong Lim2054.Tan Tek Ty
2009.Suy Siong Tan2055.Tan Tiok Yong
2010.Po Lian Hong2056.Dominga Chua Lim
2011.Romeo Uy2057.Pua Hoy Kiok
2012.Loreto Uy2058.Romeo Sim
2013.Ernesto Uy Soon, Jr.2059.Solomon Chan
2014.Ramonito Uy Soon2060.Chwi Lian Cheong
2015.Porferia Yu Chua2061.Chua Chiong Tek

Page Twenty-four of Annex A of P.D. No. 836

2062.Carmen Chua2108.Fong Ang Luy
2063.Gloria Chua2109.Yao Cheng
2064.Rosendo Ng Tsai2110.Enrique Go Eng Chong
2065.Benjamin Ng Tsai2111.Fena Choa Tan
2066.Manuel Chua2112.Cynthia Choa Tan
2067.Lim Kok Ching2113.Edna Choa Tan
2068.Cesario Lim 2114.Uy Chong King
2069.Duy Chiok 2115.Chio Tiao Siong
2070.Cornelio Lee 2116.Epifanio Go Hoc Sing
2071.Jose Lee 2117.Julian L. Tanpiuco
2072.Ng Chong 2118.Tan Siong Seng
2073.Michael Tom Lee 2119.Chua Lin
2074.Iluminada Cabrera Dy2120.Chu Chin Gui
2075.Gulab Ramchand Sujanani2121.Fei Lim Kuo
2076.Keh Keng Liok2122.Tomasa Cho
2077.Pedro Tee Tong2123.Edward Terry Short, Sr.
2078.Pilar L. Pe2124.Ang Kiong It
2079.Angel L. Pe2125.Gaw Huat Pua, Pua Seng Kee
2080.Delly Siao2126.Joseph Aragon
2081.Yap Yan Chu2127.Oliver Aragon
2082.Regina Ding2128.Vin Fuk Kwan
2083.Cua Boo @ Cua Chi Hian2129.Juanito Tiu Khe Guan
2084.Virginia T. Ang2130.Leon Chua Wuy Chin
2085.Huang Ku Hsi2131.Emelina Sy Lee Hua
2086.Co Keng Beng2132.Francisco Lu Ong
2087.Virginia Tiong2133.Sebastian Tan Chunguan
2088.Jesus Uy Chua2134.Marianita Tan
2089.Samson Go Lim2135.Amada Tan
2090.Que Kang2136.Angelita Ng
2091.Claro Lee Yu2137.Diego T. Yew
2092.Elena Lee2138.Tan Siam
2093.Narciso Go Yap2139.Josefito Y. Lim
2094.Te Kian Kuy2140.Wee Han Kion
2095.Gregorio Te2141.Peter L. Tay
2096.Te Kian Lou2142.Ram Mangharam
2097.Joaquin Ong Tio2143.Jose Sua
2098.Loo Chun Tek2144.Sixto Po Hem Hem
2099.Daniel Chua Chun Liong2145.Simeon Ngo
2100.Loo Zun Chua2146.Doroteo Lim Yap
2101.Enrique Uy2147.Lope Clarin Tang
2102.Nicolas Chan2148.Eleno Uy Cabahug
2103.Coo On Soon2149.Cornelio Tan
2104.Juan Garlandi Andreu2150.Li Chiak Ha
2105.Haide Chua Kim2151.Yu Bun Bing
2106.Victoria Chua2152.Lope Lim Guan
2107.Wilfredo L. Sim

Page Twenty-five of Annex A of P.D. No. 836

2153.Tan Que Min2198.Yolanda Y. Lao
2154.Chan Look2199.Con Ching Siu
2155.Simeon Cua Chui2200.Lucio Chua
2156.Nenita Q. Tan2201.Ralph Ding
2157.Hong Siong2202.James Hao Nga Kok
2158.Ramish Tikamdas Chatolani2203.Justino Hao
2159.Lachman Tikamdas Chattani2204.Francisco Hao Nga Chuan
2160.Ting Yuong Lu2205.Juan Oh
2161.Hermito Tan Sy2206.Ricardo Kho Chua
2162.Tam Men Ching2207.Leopoldo Lao Wee Sit
2163.Emmanuel T. Tan2208.Arsenio Sy Tio
2164.Fong Ng2209.Wee Sion Ben
2165.Robert Uy 2210.Wee Tai Hiok
2166.Tan Chiao Chay2211.Estrella Calda Su
2167.Ong Tion Bieng 2212.Loh Ping Chay
2168.Ong Tion San 2213.Rosario Jalao Chiong
2169.Ong Tion Sing 2214.Antonio Teng
2170.Ong Tion Siu 2215.Rodolfo Sou
2171.Salvacion Tan 2216.Go Pin Numg
2172.Ong Ban 2217.Yu Co Eng
2173.Aka Beina Mohandas 2218.Emiliana Chua Co
2174.Gary Lim Dy 2219.Bernardino Que
2175.Uy Yan Bon 2220.Juanita Que
2176.Pan (John) Van Bauwel2221.Mely Uy Ong
2177.Rev. Herman Joseph Gadeyue 2222.Lee Liong Sing
2178.Apo Chua Gue2223.Lee Liong Chuan
2179.Tan Maria Salaya2224.Liong Ben Lee
2180.Sy Ke2225.Lee Chan Bee
2181.Ting Kim Chin2226.Quintin Lin Tiu
2182.Hao York Chay2227.Simon Lim Tiu
2183.Paulina Sayag Chua2228.Vicky Lim Tiu
2184.Felix Jao Kiao Siong2229.Domingo Lim Tiu
2185.Julian Uy2230.Fr. Teodulo Iba_ez Cajigal
2186.So Lin2231.Danilo Go
2187.Minda Go Lim2232.Uy Hah
2188.Emilio Go2233.Alonzo T. Lim Young
2189.Adelina Co Go2234.Mary S. Ma
2190.Mariano Tan2235.Isidro So
2191.Valentin Codilla2236.Benjamin Uy
2192.Isidro Ong Cheng2237.Gaw Kwan
2193.Eliseo Siu2238.Elizabeth Go
2194.Que Yan An2239.Luis Loo
2195.Nicolas Yap Maliam2240.Ngo Hue
2196.Jorge Sia2241.Boh Fien Chan
2197.Herminia U. Juin

Page Twenty-six of Annex A of P.D. No. 836

2242.Choling Lim Quim Suy Lao2285.Charles Siyongshing
2243.Miguel Tiu Chan2286.Vergelio Chong Piao Lim
2244.Melecio M. Chan2287.Perfecto Tan
2245.Francisco Perez, Jr. y Arnaez2288.Grace Gan
2246.Nenita Tin2289.Ko Lee Kim
2247.Sotero Sy2290.Emilio Ty Uy
2248.Ngo Juy2291.Look Sia Loon (Luxia Non)
2249.Anita Lee2292.Gregorio Ong
2250.Renato L. King2293.Manuel Chua
2251.Vicente Ong2294.David Lo
2252.Victor Koa Son Eng2295.Tomas King
2253.Remy Lee Sy2296.Rev. Jose (Joseph) Van Den Daelen
2254.Pining Lee Sy2297.Jose Sy
2255.Vicente Lee Sy2298.Vicente Sy Eng Tay
2256.Leta Lee2299.Ranbinder Singh
2257.Ida Teh2300.Gan Yee Hian
2258.Benjamin Ngo2301.Ang Liok Hun
2259.Benjamin Ong2302.Yu Boon Chay
2260.Lily T. Lim2303.Pilar Lee
2261.Marcelo Lim Sia2304.Dewey Tong
2262.Consolacion Lee Dy Nan Sei2305.Angeline Tong
2263.Uy Dy Sing 2306.Beulah Tong
2264.Gregorio Lee Yap 2307.Ramon To
2265.Quirino Tan 2308.Ernesto Lim
2266.Yu Hio Soo2309.Leticia Lim
2267.Vivencio D. Tiu2310.Chuah Kieng Pok
2268.Agosto Y. Sia 2311.Chan Bon
2269.Efren Ching 2312.Luis Dy
2270.Sim Tian Chai 2313.Yeo Siu Hong
2271.Dario Ty 2314.Chen Chen Hsin
2272.Tiu Chin Kun 2315.Rufino O Ngo Gui
2273.Francisco Tan 2316.Jose Ma. Carlos Tarraga Bull Zabaleta
2274.Rufino King 2317.Benita Tui
2275.Lee Pao 2318.Unciang Yu
2276.Elena Lee 2319.Teching Yu
2277.Ang Piao 2320.Pablo Be
2278.Aida Keh Yeng 2321.Yu Wee Lee
2279.Benito Uy 2322.Benita Ong
2280.Melchora Sey 2323.Bienvinido Leon Tsang Min
2281.Yang Tien Hsun 2324.Salvador Lee Chan
2282.Nely Ang y Tan 2325.Chan Chen Chi
2283.Honorata Ong Chua Chim 2326.Johnson Chai
2284.Rufino Ong Chua

Page Twenty-seven of Annex A of P.D. No. 836

2327.Warlito Chua2369.Ly Shio Wha
2328.Anita Chua Lim2370.Paz Loo Chien
2329.Federico Ong Jr.2371.See Chin
2330.George Lim Pe2372.Emilia Villamil Ang
2331.Victoriano Co Uy Kee2373.Antonio Ong Li
2332.Cornelia Chua y Sy2374.Epifania Chan y Olarte
2333.Eugenia S. Co2375.Wee Han Biog
2334.Josefina S. Co2376.Conception Y. Ho
2335.Martin T. Alfaro2377.Susan Y. Ho
2336.Antonio Dio2378.Jose Ching
2337.Yu Lim Chiok2379.Baning Pua Ang
2338.Fred Bee2380.William Chi Eng Co
2339.Leon Tan2381.Paquita Co
2340.Ilominada O. Huang2382.Ocampo Wong
2341.Olivia O. Huang2383.Go Chuy Quiaw
2342.Luther O. Huang2384.Victorina P. Tan
2343.Juliana Ang2385.Juan Ng Tan
2344.Marciano Y. Ang2386.Julio Tan Yap
2345.Timy C. Tan2387.Rosita Tan Yap
2346.Edward T. We2388.Ng Daph Hung
2347.Jessie T. We2389.Yap Han Tin
2348.Alicia Deduyo Tan-Tan Chun2390.Sy Ka
2349.Ham Kun2391.Tan Chuy Chua
2350.Kiong Antonio Ong2392.Chua Niu San
2351.Justina Lee y Go2393.Felicita Y. Ho
2352.Fe Buenafe Chao2394.To Tiak Go
2353.Florencio Buenafe Chao2395.Lim Ching Koh
2354.Ismael Cheong2396.Caridad Chan
2355.Ching Ka2400.Dy Tak
2356.Helene L. Chiu2401.Felimon Chan
2357.George King Alcid2402.Felicidad C. Co
2358.Benny King Alcid 2403.Daniel C. Ong
2359.Rosario Lui Chan 2404.Joselina C. Ong
2360.Pedro Paw Cho Sing @ Amante Toh 2405.Romeo C. Ong
2361.Ngo Kiac y Ang 2406.Edgardo C. Ong
2362.Nicasio Chua 2407.Ma. Evelyn C. Ong
2363.King Chiok Chua, Jr.2408.Victor C. Ong
2364.Que Tiac 2409.Cesar C. Ong
2365.Zosimo Uy 2410.Tony Ang
2366.Jose Ang Ban Giok 2411.So Giok Chuan
2367.Rosalinda Baby Yu 2412.Teng Tiam
2368.Gilberto Yu

Page Twenty-eight of Annex A of P.D. No. 836

2416.Urbana Corpuz-Redinger2461.Un Se Eng
2417.Crusanto Patindol2462.Macario L. Un
2418.Rubi Saw2463.Liong Chu Jacob
2419.Cheng Kim Heng2464.Yia Si
2420.Elizabeth Chiu Sy2465.Rosa Ong y Lim
2421.Maximo Co Say2466.Keh Say
2422.Isagani Tan2467.Anita Co
2423.Yao Eng Seng2468.Juanita Ang Pua
2424.Benito Lo2469.Luz Q. Dee
2425.Juanita Ty Uy2470.Ng Gon @ Chana Cui
2426.Esing T. Uy2471.Justino Dumdum Lim
2427.Tuan Sheng Hao2472.Lim Eng Yu
2428.Titania V. Ng Kaion2473.Manuel Uy Sing
2429.Jimmy Ngo2474.Sim Suy Sing
2430.Angel Tan Uy @ Angel Tan2475.Tan Fee Co
2431.Sy Kho Chiong Sian2476.Simon Cua Yao
2432.Chua Siu Guat2477.Felix Hoy @ Felix S. Ilay
2433.Patricia Uy Yu2478.Flora Tan Pue
2434.Luisa Lai2479.Lim Bin
2435.Aurora Kaw2480.Tan Ding Ding Ng
2436.Bernardita Kaw2481.Luz Ng
2437.Maria Lourdes Ty Kaw2482.Tan Kian Tek Ng
2438.Antonio Kaw2483.Ng Tan Kian Bien
2439.Juan Kaw Kim2484.Li Beh
2440.Consolacion Kaw2485.Beatriz Ong Li
2441.Antonio Santiago Chiu2486.Ramon Chua
2442.Nenita Dy Ching2487.Eleuterio P. Ong
2443.Benito Ching2488.Benito Ong
2444.Julian Chan2489.Lorenzo So
2445.Ulpiano L. Sim2490.Chua Eng Siong @ Cornelio Lim
2446.Leonardo Ting2491.Ignacia Juana Arquelada
2447.Elisto Lim2492.Isidro Sim
2448.Luisa Ting2493.Segundina So Sim
2449.Tomas Ng Tio2494.Ildefonso Garcia Mate
2450.Bernardo Dy Tiong Keng2495.Chua Kai & Tian Sing Lu
2451.James Alfred Strong2496.Gan Yi Bio
2452.Wilson Jo y Tan2497.Kishinchand Chellaran Kirpalani
2453.Sy Dy2498.Chua Liao
2454.Ciriano Tan Yu2499.Ramon Pe
2455.Lim Dee2500.Miguela A. Chua
2456.Siu Liong 2501.Alberto Uy
2457.Emiliano T. Tan 2502.Fe Uy
2458.Ramon Tang 2503.Aida Uy
2459.Tomas Tang 2504.Law Kang Hok
2460.Baby Lei Chow

Page Twenty-nine of Annex A of P.D. No. 836

2505.Kiac Suy2548.Enrique Lee Chu
2506.Juanita Chua Ng2549.Leonard Chan Lek
2507.Victoria Nini Uy Chua Ng2550.Chan Cheung, Jr.
2508.Diego Jao2551.Arsenio Chan
2509.Jaime Jao2552.Huang Koc Ben
2510.Chan D. Wee2553.Cua Ruby
2511.Marcelo See Kee Sing2554.Yap Huy Chu
2512.Li Ku Shai2555.Vicitacion Co Javier
2513.Julie W. Chieng2556.Tan Siok So
2514.Lily Chieng2557.Aurora Ko Tan Yao
2515.Chien Yen, Jr. y Wong2558.Ngan Sen Yiam
2516.Mariano Foo2559.Ma Ling
2517.Salvador Wong2560.Ramon L. Masot @ Kiat Seng
2518.Sy Ang Loc2561.Saturnino Go
2519.Andres Barreto Ng2562.Tan Keng Liong
2520.Edward Chiong2563.Yu Seon Chong
2521.Jack Eugene Gesner2564.Cesar Fong & Tang Jin Kee
2522.John Teng Tuan2565.Wee Sin Hua
2523.Jimmy Teng Lu Liong2566.Jao An Liong
2524.Wong Feng On2567.Kam Yee Si
2525.Lim Hui Heng2568.Patricio Soyao
2526.Yu Siek Lee2569.Tom Siang Wei
2527.Cua Siong2570.Tom Giok Lan
2528.Yu Yia2571.Tom Giok Lian
2529.Lilia Que2572.Tom Ming Wee
2530.Dy Huat & Rico Lim2573.Chan Kim Kuy
2531.Felisa Sy2574.Chan Nga Bin
2532.Lim Chi Hong2575.Chan Kim Puy
2533.Wong Sau @ Ng Kim Hong2576.Li Bun Chai
2534.Eduardo Yu2577.Chin Chi Sy
2535.Manual Hao Tan2578.Uy Kin San
2536.Anselmo Sy Agero2579.Tap Siong Go @ Emily Yap Tan
2537.Dionisio Lee2580.Tan Eng Kiam
2538.Lao Teng Hiong2581.Felino Lim
2539.Tan Bi Yok2582.Virginia Dy
2540.Romualdo C. Yap @ Raben C. Yap2583.Pua Uy Hion
2541.Artemio Uy2584.Manuel Go
2542.Rosalino Kit2585.Dr. Segundo Sua Wy
2543.Donald L. Gunn2586.Nieves Q. Gocho
2544.Philip Ng @ Philip Chao Ng2587.Lorenzo Q. Gocho Ng
2545.Ong Kim Liong2588.Chua Peng Hian
2546.Chua Ju2589.Thomas Cabana Doherty
2547.Truinfo Sy2590.Frederick Vincent Doherty, Jr.

Page Thirty of Annex A of P.D. No. 836

2591.Yu Anking2634.Felisa Dee Sy
2592.Tan Koc King2635.Jaime Tan
2593.Carmen Amistad2636.Reynaldo H. Liao
2594.Antonio So Uy 2637.Candelaria Lim
2595.Yap Ly 2638.Tomasa Lim
2596.Vicenta T. Balase 2639.Alejandra Lim
2597.Paul K. Pfiffner2640.Maria Luz Tan Jao
2598.Rosita Chua Cheng2641.Filemon T. Tan
2599.Joaquin Uy, Jr.2642.Mario Kaw
2600.Juan Uy2643.Wilburn Tan
2601.To Manuel Pilares @2644.Alberto Chua
2602.Chulani Lachu Parmanand2645.Ruperto Chua
2603.Uelia Gan2646.Danilo Chua
2604.Julie Yu2647.Tee Peng
2605.Antonio Yu2648.Yu Ni Tee
2606.Fan Shek Fung2649.Davy Yu Yap
2607.Tan Leong Cheong2650.Kwok Wai Tse
2608.Justo Tan2651.Ngo Peng Kee
2609.Glenn Young2652.Severo S. Sy
2610.Josefina Lim y Uy2653.Genaro Ng Hao
2611.Go Pen Guian y Tan2654.Elsa Ng Hao
2612.Lee Ester DeE2655.Josefa Tan
2613.Marcelo Li Sia2656.Josefina Narvades Gapayao
2614.Melecio Nua2657.Lo Shun Kwong
2615.Uy Cho2658.Ulpiano Tan Yu
2616.Jose M. Querexeta Mendizabal2659.Yu An Sun
2617.Martin Chiong Ong2660.Matutina Francisco
2618.Erlinda Ong2661.Felipe Cheng Guan Leong y Eng
2619.Lorenzo Co2662.Chan Bun Liong
2620.Danilo Co2663.Aurora Sih
2621.Maxima Co Hay @ Elsimbang Co 2664.Armando Sih
2622.Marvie Sy Chua2665.Tang Ka Hon @ Tomas Lim
2623.Lino Ong2666.Maria del Carmen A. Ford
2624.Choon Chiu2667.Lalchand Harkishin
2625.Antonio Nang2668.Rolito Ko
2626.Monina Nang2669.Vishu Hassomal Daswani
2627.Amparo Nang2670.Mohan Hassomal Daswani
2628.Joseph Tan Li2671.Gope Hassomal Daswani
2629.Elena Co Ngo2672.Santiago Cua Jao
2630.Soledad Tan Lee2673.Remedios Tang
2631.Uy King Lio2674.Nelie Cheng
2632.Cua Tee2675.Teresita Cheng
2633.Uy Bok Kay

Page Thirty-one of Annex A of P.D. No. 836

2676.Romeo Cheng2721.Walter Sze Nye
2677.Salvador Kaw Ang2722.Lucas George Adamson
2678.Ester Uy Gan2723.Ma. Remigia Hilario
2679.Victor Que2724.Simeon Lim Kiat Rodulfo
2680.Esterio Que2725.Chiu Han Sing
2681.Beauty Chua2726.Albino Tan
2682.Mariano Santillan2727.Chan Chin
2683.Sy Bun Su2728.Andres F. Pua
2684.Rufino Uy2729.George Ong Oh Chu Te
2685.Benjamin Tan Yao2730.Oscar Chu Te
2686.Bias Reyes, Jr.2731.Herman Ong Oh Chu Te
2687.Conrado Uy2732.Juanita Chua
2688.Lao Wan Ko2733.Tan San Ng, Jr.
2689.Lai Pak Chow @ Reynaldo Lai 2734.Dominador Hao
2690.Vivencio Que Go 2735.Dy Gun
2691.Uy An 2736.Sy Kan
2692.Jaime Chan 2737.Severino Co
2693.Lee Bun Lam 2738.Crisanto Tan
2694.Flora L. Tan 2739.Vicente Tan
2695.Lucy L. Tan 2740.Ang Kun Ong
2696.Lim Hui Thai 2741.Enrique Go Chi
2697.Virginia Co. 2742.Lalchand P. Vasandani
2698.Albino O. Cua 2743.Rev. Julian de Lodder
2699.Cham Teng Kem 2744.Cesario Chu
2700.Juanito S. Sua 2745.Lucio O. Yu
2701.Cresencio Quay2746.Yap Kian
2702.Tan Pen Fun2747.George Ng Wong
2703.Tranquilino Ong2748.Jaime Bonnin Sastre
2704.Norberto Ng Lim2749.Sy Ben 2718. Chua Eng An
2705.Melchor Ng Lim2750.Gaw Sin Sit
2706.Yang Seng Chen (Rev. Livingstone Chen)2751.Benigno S. Young
2707.Eduardo Sy2752.Ng Piao
2708.Chiong Oh Lu2753.Zenon Roco Cui
2709.Ang Bon Ben2754.Luzviminda Kea Chan
2710.Alfonso Chan Ang2755.Salvacion Chua
2711.Co Wan Lay2756.Myrna Chua
2712.Gaw Siu Hoe2757.Eliseo Lao Uy
2713.Benito G. Chua2758.Dy Huy Tong
2714.San Ny Chan2759.Rey To
2715.Alfonso Dy2760.Miguel Lee Chu
2716.Kho Swee Ling @ Carmen Kho2761.Hao Sio Lan
2717.Pedro y Dy2762.Pablo Way
2719.Victor Koh2763.Yu Yoc Din
2720.Sua Heng @ Tomas Cheng

Page Thirty-two of Annex of P.D. No. 836

2764.Lucas Tan2784.Giok Keng Lo
2765.Manuel Ngo 2785.Domingo Ciong
2766.Rogelio Dee 2786.Victory Chiong @ Victor Chiong
2767.Dee Giok Lan 2787.King Son Chiong @ Alberto Chiong
2768.Rufino Yap 2788.Santos Chiong
2769.Siong Chiong Bilaan 2789.Kin Tin Chua
2770.Jao Chep Seng 2790.Ernesto Luy
2771.Ng Tat 2791.Christopher Halin Co
2772.Luy Chuan Suy 2792.Go Ha Lok
2773.Teresita Hao 2793.Go Halian
2774.Manuel Hao 2794.Agustin Chao
2775.Wong Wee Siok 2795.Reynaldo Foo Chao
2776.Ireneo T. Te 2796.Hang Moon Chao
2777.Yolanda Sumangqui 2797.Servillano Mendoza Tan
2778.N.icetas Sumangqui 2798.Lay Do
2779.Cheung Sed Wa 2799.Tan Koc Chay
2780.Ang So Lan 2800.Tan Ting Lim @ Mariano Tan Ting Li
2781.Sin Hua Wee 2801.Margarita L. Tan
2782.Jao Bon Liong 2802.Haw Yee Piw
2783.Tan Pi Kian

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