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PRESIDENTIAL DECREE No. 571 November 1, 1974


WHEREAS, Proclamation No. 1081, dated September 21, 1972, declaring a state of martial law throughout the land was issued because of widespread lawlessness and anarchy, chaos and disorder, and wanton destruction of lives and property prevailing throughout the country, perpetrated, among others, by die-hard leaders and some members of activist groups, subversive associations, and Communist-front organizations;

WHEREAS, I have already issued Presidential Decree No. 124 on February 2, 1973, and extended amnesty in favor of all persons who may have violated the following provisions of Section 4 of Republic Act No. 1700, to wit:

". . . whoever, knowingly, willfully, and by overt acts affiliates himself with, becomes or remains a member of the Communist Party of the Philippines and/or its successors or of any subversive associations as defined in Section 2 hereof. . ."

WHEREAS, a few years ago, the leadership and responsible elements of the Partido Komunista Ng Pilipinas (PKP), Hukbong Magpapalaya Ng Bayan (HMB), Malayang Samahan Ng Magsasaka (MASAKA), Malayang Pagkakaisa Ng Kabataang Pilipino (MPKP) and Samahang Pambansa Ng Kababaihan Sa Pilipinas (SPKP) indicated their desire to return to the folds of the law and cooperate with the program of this Administration to achieve the goals and objectives of the New Society;

WHEREAS, in the interest of peace and order, the attainment of objectives to reform society and extend optimum benefits to the masses of our people, it is necessary that these elements be welcomed to the folds of the law and given fresh opportunities to contribute their share and integrate their efforts towards the attainment of its goals including, but not limited to land reform, a more equitable distribution of wealth, the rehabilitation and development of Mindanao and other areas of the country, and the promotions of trade unions;

WHEREAS, it has been the policy of the Government to deal with and treat the foregoing types of individuals with compassion, and facilitate their desire to become our co-workers in the New Society;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, FERDINAND E. MARCOS, President of the Republic of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by the Constitution of the Republic of the Philippines, do hereby declare and decree an amnesty in favor of leaders, officers and members of the Partido Komunista Ng Pilipinas (PKP), Hukbong Magpapalaya Ng Bayan (HMB), Malayang Samahan Ng Magsasaka (MASAKA), Malayang Pagkakaisa Ng Kabataang Pilipino (MPKP), and Samahang Pambansa Ng Kababaihan Sa Pilipinas (SPKP), including those who may have committed any act penalized by existing laws, which has been committed to promote their political beliefs or to enhance acceptance of their ideas, views, and opinions about the social order, economic system or form of government in the Philippines; Provided, That they pledge loyalty and allegiance to the Republic of the Philippines and surrender whatever firearms, ammunition and/or explosives which he/she may have in his/her possession, whatever licensed or unlicensed; Provided, further, That his/her parents or known guardian, or in the absence of the latter two, any prominent resident of the community where he/she resides shall likewise pledge in writing to ensure that the applicant shall be a peace-loving and law-abiding citizen of the Republic of the Philippines at all times; Provided, furthermore, That they shall apply for amnesty not later than December 31, 1974; Provided also, That such applicant has not committed murder or crimes against chastity; And Provided, finally, That the grant of amnesty shall be under such procedures, terms and conditions prescribed by Presidential Decree No. 124, as amended. Any provision of Presidential Decree No. 124, as amended, which is inconsistent with this Decree is hereby superseded.

I do hereby finally order and decree that any person not expressly covered by this Decree may nonetheless be granted amnesty if so recommended as provided herein and the merits of his/her case so warrant.

DONE in the City of Manila, this 1st day of November, in the year of Our Lord, nineteen hundred and seventy-four.

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