Executive Order No. 480
April 27, 1998
Amending Executive Order No. 380 * Dated 2 December 1996, "Creating The Industry Development Council, Defining Its Composition, Powers And Functions
Executive Order No. 479
May 31, 1998
Amending Executive Order No. 249 Dated May 29, 1995 Granting Permanent Status To Certain Vietnamese Citizens And Filipino Vietnamese Children
Executive Order No. 478
May 22, 1998
Increasing The Minimum Access Volume (MAV) For Coffee Beans Under The Agricultural Tariffication Act
Executive Order No. 477
April 15, 1998
Transferring the Philippine Coast Guard to the Department of Transportation and Communications
Executive Order No. 476
March 31, 1998
Further Amending Executive Order 169, Series Of 1994 By Modifying The Representations Of DOF And DBM To The Central Bank Board Of Liquidators
Executive Order No. 475
March 30, 1998
Transferring the Philippine Coast Guard from the Department of National Defense to the Office of the President and for Other Purposes
Executive Order No. 471
March 14, 1998
Declaring Full Deregulation Of The Downstream Oil Industry
Executive Order No. 470
February 24, 1998
Creating The Philippine Council For Mental Health
Executive Order No. 468
February 23, 1998
Providing for the Creation of a National Council for the Promotion of Electronic Commerce in the Country
Executive Order No. 467
March 17, 1998
Providing for a National Policy on the Operation and Use of International Satellite Communications in the Country
Executive Order No. 465
January 13, 1998
Modifying The Nomenclature And The Rates Of Import Duty On Certain Imported Articles Under Section 104 Of The Tariff And Customs Code Of 1978 (Presidential Decree No. 1464), As Amended
Executive Order No. 464
January 26, 1998
Governing The Admission And Stay Of Foreign Nationals In The Clark Special Economic Zone As Temporary Visitors
Executive Order No. 463
January 9, 1998
Creating The Management Information System And Technology Group In Line With The Computerization Program Of The Bureau Of Customs
Executive Order No. 2
July 13, 1998
Transferring the National Food Authority from the Department of Agriculture to the Office of the President
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