Executive Order No. 149
December 28, 1993
Streamlining of the Office of the President
Executive Order No. 148
December 27, 1993
Modifying the Rates of Import Duty on Certain Imported Articles as Provided Under Presidential Decree No. 1464, as Amended, Otherwise Known as the Tariff and Customs Code of the Philippines of 1978, as Amended
Executive Order No. 145
December 27, 1993
Modifying the Rates of Duty on Certain Imported articles as Provided for Under the Tariff and Customs Code of 1978, As Amemded, In Order to Implement the 1994 Philippine Schedule of Tariff Reductions on Articles Included in the Accelerated and Normal Programmes of the Common Effective Preferential Tariff (CEPT) Scheme for the Asean Free Trade Area (AFTA)
Executive Order No. 144
December 14, 1993
Amending Executive Order No. 84, Dated April 24, 1993, Which Created A Presidential Commission To Formulate Short and Long-Term Plans For the Development of Tagaytay City and Its Adjacent Municipalities, and the Taal Volcano Island and Its Surrounding Coastal Municipalities
Executive Order No. 143
December 13, 1993
Directing the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council To Oversee the Implementation of A Local Government Pabahay Program, and Defining the Responsibilities of Certain Agencies Which Will Be Involved Therein
Executive Order No. 142
December 10, 1993
Transferring Some Projects of the Southern Philippines Development Authority (Spda) To the Autonomous Regional Government in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao
Executive Order No. 141
December 7, 1993
Creating the National Organizing Committee For the Third Asean Meeting of Ministers Responsible For Information
Executive Order No. 140
November 30, 1993
Rationalizing the Duty Free Stores/Outlets and Their Operations in the Philippines and For Other Purposes
Executive Order No. 139
November 28, 1993
Creating the Kabataan: 2000 Steering Committee the Action Officers Committee and the Regional Steering Committee in Implementation of the Year-Round Youth Work Program, Kabataan: 2000 and For Other Purposes
Executive Order No. 138
November 28, 1993
Declaring and Delineating the Virac Port Zone Under the Administrative Jurisdiction of the Philippine Ports Authority
Executive Order No. 137
November 28, 1993
Providing For the Implementing Rules and Regulations Governing the Devolution of Certain Powers and Functions of the National Meat Inspection Commission To the Local Government Units Pursuant To Republic Act No. 7160, Otherwise Government Code of 1991
Executive Order No. 135
November 6, 1993
Providing For the Establishment of A Well-Coordinated Local Level Statistical System
Executive Order No. 134
November 4, 1993
Governing the Admission and Stay in the Philippines, as Temporary Visitors, of Chinese Nationals
Executive Order No. 133
October 29, 1993
Devolving To the Autonomous Regional Government of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao the Powers and Functions of the Department of Health, the Control, and Supervision Over Its Offices in the Region and For Other Purposes
Executive Order No. 132
October 26, 1993
Approving the Streamlining of the Bureau of Internal Revenue
Executive Order No. 131
October 26, 1993
Facilitating the State Funeral of Deceased National Artists and National Scientists
Executive Order No. 130
October 25, 1993
Instituting the Balik Scientist Program Under the Department of Science and Technology
Executive Order No. 129
October 15, 1993
Establishing an Institutional Mechanism To Curtail the Activities of Professional Squatting Syndicates and Professional Squatters and Intensifying the Drive Against Them
Executive Order No. 128
October 4, 1993
Reconstituting the Committee For the Preparation of the National Centennial Celebrations in 1998
Executive Order No. 127
September 30, 1993
Redefining the Functions of the Instructional Materials Council of the Department of Education, Culture and Sports
Executive Order No. 126
September 15, 1993
Lifting the Ban on Mining Operations in Northern Palawan, the Calamian Group of Islands and the Areas Around Malampaya Sound
Executive Order No. 125
September 15, 1993
Defining the Approach and Administrative Structure For Government's Comprehensive Peace Efforts
Executive Order No. 124
September 8, 1993
Establishing Priorities and Procedures in Evaluating Areas Proposed For Land Conversion in Regional Agri-Industrial Centers/Regional Industrial Centers, Tourism Development Areas and Sites For Socialized Housing
Executive Order No. 123
September 8, 1993
Institutionalizing the Committee on Power Conservation and Demand Management
Executive Order No. 122-A
October 26, 1993
Limiting the Initial Coverage of Executive Order No. 122 Entitled "Providing For the Surrender and Licensing of Loose Firearms and Establishing A Central Records Unit For All Firearms" To Unregistered Firearms and Providing For the Operational Cost of the Computerization of Firearms Records
Executive Order No. 122
September 13, 1993
Providing For the Surrender and Licensing of Loose Firearms and Establishing A Central Records Unit For All Firearms
Executive Order No. 109
July 12, 1993
Policy To Improve The Provision Of Local Exchange Carrier Service
Executive Order No. 85
May 5, 1993
Establishing the Coordinative and Management Mechanism for the Implementation of the Cagayan De Oro-Iligan Corridor Special Development Project
Executive Order No. 59
February 24, 1993
Prescribing the Policy Guidelines for Compulsory Interconnection of Authorized Public Telecommunications carriers in order to Create a Universally Accessible and Fully Integrated Nationwide Telecommunications Network and Thereby Encourage Greater Private Sector Investment in Telecommunications
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