Executive Order No. 1075
December 26, 1985
Further Amending Executive Order No. 872 Dated September 1, 1982
Executive Order No. 1074
December 20, 1985
Approving the Project of the Coconut Oil Refiners Association (Association) for the Development of Approximately 60,000 Hectares of Oil Palm Plantations in Agusan Del Sur and Thereby Granting Incentives to the Participants of the Project
Executive Order No. 1072
December 16, 1985
Establishing the Legislative Service Career System in the Batasan Pambansa
Executive Order No. 1071
November 29, 1985
Authorizing the Commission on Elections to Pay Overtime Compensation to Its Employees and to Fix the Rates Therefor
Executive Order No. 1069
November 25, 1985
Appointing the Minister of Trade and Industry as Vice Chairman of the Philippine Sugar Commission, and Creating the Position of Deputy Chief Operating Officer
Executive Order No. 1068
November 25, 1985
Authorizing the Ministry of Local Government to Establish and Operate a Barangay Educational and Entertainment System
Executive Order No. 1067
November 25, 1985
Authorizing Corporate Changes in Capital Distribution and Compensation Structure of the Philippine International Trading Corporation Created Under Presidential Decree No. 1071, as Amended
Executive Order No. 1066
November 22, 1985
Reorganizing the Farm Systems Development Corporation
Executive Order No. 1065
November 14, 1985
Declaring the Bureau of Post as a Critical Service Agency of the Government and Restructuring the Salaries of Postal Workers and Employees
Executive Order No. 1064
November 13, 1985
Implementing the Coconut Productivity Program
Executive Order No. 1063
November 12, 1985
Further Amending Section 2-A of Republic Act Numbered Sixty-Two Hundred Thirty Four Entitled "An Act Creating the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System and for Other Purposes"
Executive Order No. 1062
January 1, 1986
Repealing Executive Order No. 955, as Amended By Executive Order No. 988, Additional Import Duty on Imported Articles
Executive Order No. 1061
November 5, 1985
Establishing the Philippine Rice Research Institute (PRPI)
Executive Order No. 1060
October 1, 1985
Granting Salary Increases to Allied Medical Positions in the National Government
Executive Order No. 1059
October 22, 1985
Further Implementing Presidential Decree No. 1726 in the Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Agrarian Reform and Ministry of Labor and Employment and All Other Ministries of the National Government
Executive Order No. 1058
October 10, 1985
Increasing the Membership of the Board of Trustees of the Cultural Center of the Philippines
Executive Order No. 1056
October 4, 1985
Modifying the Rates of Additional Export Duty on Certain Exported Articles as Provided for in Executive Order No. 920-A, Series of 1983 With Respect to Coconut Products
Executive Order No. 1055
June 3, 1985
Reorganizing the Membership in the Governing Board of the Philippine Coconut Authority and for Other Purposes
Executive Order No. 1054
September 18, 1985
Accelerating the Alcohol Program and Amending Executive Order No. 580 Which Created the Alcohol Commission
Executive Order No. 1053
September 5, 1985
Suspending the Implementation of Executive Order No. 1046, Entitled Providing for the Accelerated Development of the Footwear, Leather and Leathergoods Manufacturing Industries and Creating the Footwear and Leather Goods Development Board
Executive Order No. 1052
August 26, 1985
Authorizing Abutting Landowners to Plant Fruit Bearing Trees on Right-Of-Way Along National Provincial and Municipal/City Roads Integrated Into the National and National-Aid Road Systems
Executive Order No. 1051
August 8, 1985
Abolition of the Experimental Cinema of the Philippines
Executive Order No. 1050
August 8, 1985
Increasing the Quarters Allowance of the Uniformed Members of the Integrated National Police
Executive Order No. 1049
August 8, 1985
Increasing the Subsistence Allowance of AFP and INP Personnel Undergoing Training in Local Training Institutions
Executive Order No. 1048
August 8, 1985
Rehabilitation Program to Facilitate the Reintegration to Society of Disidents Who Return to the Folds of the Law to Include Their Mass Supporters and Providing for a Presidential Committee for the Implementation Thereof
Executive Order No. 1047
August 7, 1985
Encouraging Distant Water Fisheries By the Philippine Commercial Fishing Fleet
Executive Order No. 1046
August 7, 1985
Providing for the Accelerated Development of the Footwear Leather and Leather Goods Manufacturing Industries and Creating the Footwear and Leather Goods Development Board
Executive Order No. 1045
August 7, 1985
Modifying Fiscal Incentives Review Board
Executive Order No. 1044
August 7, 1985
Strengthening the Control and Supervision Over Log Exports and Establishing an Effective Monitoring System
Executive Order No. 1043
July 30, 1985
Establishing an Internal Revenue Labels Trust Fund and for Other Purposes
Executive Order No. 1042
July 30, 1985
Providing for an Internal Revenue Service Career System in the Bureau of Internal Revenue and for Other Purposes
Executive Order No. 1040
July 10, 1985
Transferring the National Police Commission to the Office of the President
Executive Order No. 1039
July 10, 1985
Creating the Wood Industry Development Authority, Defining Its Powers & Functions, Providing Funds Therefor, and for Other Purposes
Executive Order No. 1038
July 9, 1985
Modifying the Rates of Duty on Imported Rayon Articles as Provided Under Presidential Decree No. 1464, as Amended, Otherwise Known as the Tariff and Customs Code of 1978
Executive Order No. 1037
July 4, 1985
Creating the Philippine Retirement Park System, Providing Funds Therefor and for Other Purposes
Executive Order No. 1036
June 27, 1985
Institutionalizing the New Organizational Structure of the Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System
Executive Order No. 1035
June 25, 1985
Providing the Procedures and Guidelines for the Expeditious Acquisition By the Government of Private Real Properties or Rights Thereon for Infrastructure and Other Government Development Projects
Executive Order No. 1034
June 25, 1985
Reorganizing the Cabinet Committee on the Law of the Sea
Executive Order No. 1033
June 25, 1985
Declaring the Policy of the Philippine Government Providing the Specific Measures to Enhance or Strengthen the Efforts to Implement the Recovery Program and Removing the Obstacles Thereto
Executive Order No. 1032
June 11, 1985
Creating a Committee to Take Charge of the Planning and Execution of the Commemorative Activities for the 1985 Vicente Orestes Romualdez Centennial Anniversary
Executive Order No. 1031
June 11, 1985
Reorganizing the Phividec Industrial Authority
Executive Order No. 1030
June 11, 1985
Amending Section 1 of Executive Order No. 898, Reorganizing the Committee of Transportation Cooperatives and Broadening Its Powers and Functions
Executive Order No. 1029
June 1, 1985
Amending Executive Order No. 852 Dated December 3, 1982 Entitled "Providing for More Effective Coordination Between National Development and Security Operations"
Executive Order No. 1028
May 31, 1985
Providing for Further Deregulation in the Production and Trading of Food Grains and Related Agricultural Inputs
Executive Order No. 1027
May 14, 1985
Amending Executive Order No. 1012
Executive Order No. 1026
May 14, 1985
Amending Section 78 of the National Internal Revenue Code of 1977, to Require Dissolving Corporations to File Information Returns and Secure Tax Clearance From the Commissioner of Internal Revenue, and Providing Adequate Penalties for Violation Thereof
Executive Order No. 1025
May 10, 1985
Providing for the Postponement of the 1985 Mandatory Registration of AFP Reservists as Provided for By Presidential Decree 183, as Amended By Presidential Decree 887
Executive Order No. 1024
May 9, 1985
Reclassifying the Oilprice Stabilization Fund From a Special Account of the General Fund to a Trust Account
Executive Order No. 1023
May 1, 1985
On Land Use Scheme for Sugarcane Workers
Executive Order No. 1022
May 1, 1985
On Strengthening the Administrative and Operational Capabilities of the Overseas Employment Program
Executive Order No. 1021
May 1, 1985
On Encouraging the Inward Remittances of Contract Workers Earnings Through Official Channels
Executive Order No. 1020
May 1, 1985
Creating the Presidential Council for Industrial Peace
Executive Order No. 1019
March 18, 1985
Reorganizing the Tax Collection and Assessment Machinery in the Provinces, Municipalities and Cities and Other Purposes Suspending the Effectivity of Real Property Tax Increase to January 1, 1988 Instead of January 1, 1985
Executive Order No. 1018
April 11, 1985
Adding a New Specific Tax Bracket
Executive Order No. 1017
March 22, 1985
Increasing the Combat Pay of Officers and Enlisted Personnel of the Armed Forces of the Phil. and the Hazardous Duty Pay of the Uniformed Members of the Integrated National Police
Executive Order No. 1016
March 25, 1985
Withdrawing the Inspection, Commodity and Export Clearance Requirements on Philippine Exports
Executive Order No. 1015
March 22, 1985
Increasing the Subsistence Allowance of Patients Confined in AFP/INP Hospitals and Dispensaries and of Cadets of the Philippine Military Academy, the Philippine Air Force Flying School, and the Philippine National Police Academy and Prescribing the Manner of Subsequent Adjustment Thereto
Executive Order No. 1014
March 22, 1985
Institutionalizing Active Participation of the Private Sector Through the Presidential Productivity Council, in the Formulation of the Country's Development Plans and Programs
Executive Order No. 1013
March 22, 1985
Delineating the Jurisdiction of the Ministries of Natural Resources and Trade and Industry and Forest Products
Executive Order No. 1012
March 22, 1985
Providing Measures to Improve the Administrative and Operational Framework for Maintaining Peace and Order at the Provincial, City and Municipal Levels
Executive Order No. 1011
March 20, 1985
Establishing the Land Transportation Commission in the Ministry of Transportation and Communications, and for Other Purposes
Executive Order No. 1010
February 25, 1985
Amending Executive Order No. 23, Dated March 25, 1936, Entitled "Description and Specifications of the Filipino Flag"
Executive Order No. 1009
February 20, 1985
Strengthening the Policy Formulating Capability of the Civil Aeronautics Board
Executive Order No. 1008
February 4, 1985
Creating an Arbitration Machinery in the Construction Industry of the Philippines
Executive Order No. 1007
January 31, 1985
Increasing the Composition of the Board of Pardons and Parole Created Under Act Numbered Four Thousand One Hundred and Three, as Amended, Otherwise Known as the Indeterminate Sentence Law, and Increasing the Compensation of the Members Thereof
Executive Order No. 1006
January 1, 1985
Amending Section 1 of Executive Order No. 993 Increasing the Daily Subsistance Allowance of Uniformed Members of Integrated National Police to Twelve Pesos (P12.00) Per Day
Executive Order No. 1005
January 28, 1985
Amending Chapter XXIV (Section 105 Thru 109) Executive Order No. 178 Dated December 17, 1938, Otherwise Known as the "Manual for Courts-Martial, Armed Forces of the Philippines"
Executive Order No. 1004
January 28, 1985
Prescribing the Effective Implementation of the National Civil Action Programs of the Government as an Amendment to Executive Order No. 972 Further Amending Executive Order No. 767.
Executive Order No. 1003
January 25, 1985
Granting Combat Clothing to Chdfs Engaged in Combat Operations and Headquarters Personnel Assigned in the Field as an Amendment to Executive Order No. 755 Dated December 21, 1981, Granting Enlisted Personnel, Draftees and Trainees Combat Clothing While Assigned or Detailed With Combat Units
Executive Order No. 1002
January 25, 1985
Declaring the Accrued Income From AFP Operations and Exercise of Regulatory Functions as Trust Receipts and Granting the Chief of Staff, AFP the Authority in the Use Thereof as an Exemption From Section 50 or Presidential Decree 1177
Executive Order No. 1001
January 25, 1985
Transferring the Administrative Supervision of the Presidential Committee for the Conservation of Tamaraw and the Calawit Special Project of the Ministry of Agriculture and Food
Executive Order No. 1000
January 25, 1985
Granting Salary Increases for Government Officials and Employees
Executive Order No. 999
January 19, 1985
Further Amending Subparagraphs (A). (B) and (C) of Section Twenty-Three and Subparagraphs (A) and (D) of Section 45 of the National Internal Revenue Code of 1977
Executive Order No. 998
January 11, 1985
Creating an Ad Hoc Committee to Evaluate and Study the Country's Various Sports Programs
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