EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 387 March 20, 1972


WHEREAS, the Philippines is geographically situated within the Typhoon Belt of the Eastern Hemisphere, thereby perenially exposed to a great number of typhoons;

WHEREAS, the typhoons bring widespread devastation to life and property, wreak havoc and destruction to agricultural products and industries, and cause disruption and tremendous losses to the national economy;

WHEREAS, coordination of government efforts to minimize the effects of this weather phenomenon appears imperative through the initiation of an integrated typhoon moderation program;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, FERDINAND E. MARCOS, President of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law, do hereby create the Ad Hoc Presidential Committee on Typhoon Moderation under the Office of the President.

Sec. 1. Composition of the Committee. The Committee shall be composed of the following officials or their authorized representatives who shall attend the meetings and deliberations of the said body:

The Executive Secretary


The Director, Weather Bureau


Mr. Ramon M. Macabuhay Project Director, Representative of the Department of Foreign Affairs


Representative of the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources


Representative of the Department of National Defense


Representative of the Department of Public Works and Communications


Representative of the Philippine Sugar Institute


Representative of the Philippine National Bank


Representative of the Development Bank of the Philippines


Representative of the Central Bank


Representative of the Philippine Air Force


Representative of the Civil Aeronautics Administration


Representative of the National Power Corporation


Representative of the National Science Development Board


Representative of the Presidential Economic Staff


Sec. 2. Functions and responsibilities of the Committee. The Committee shall have the following functions and responsibilities, to wit:

a. To synchronize overall planning and programming of all government activities, resources and operations on typhoon moderation, including the initiation and/or preparation of a feasibility study.

b. To undertake the formulation of a typhoon moderation program, supervise the implementation of the approved program, consider and evaluate other related on-going or proposed government projects, both local and international.

c. To coordinate with Congress in its efforts to constitute and create a permanent agency to be charged with the national program on typhoon moderation.

d. To advise the President on the typhoon moderation needs of the Government, the means to satisfy these requirements in the most efficacious manner possible, and the execution and/or legislative enactments required to implement a comprehensive program of typhoon moderation.

e. To represent the Government on all matters pertaining to typhoon moderation during international or regional meetings and conferences.

f. To perform such other functions or activities as may be reasonably connected with its purposes or incidental to its existences.

Sec. 3. Exercise of Authority. The Committee is hereby authorized and empowered to call upon all government departments, bureaus, offices, agencies and corporations for such assistance as it may deem necessary and to prepare and issue such rules and regulations as it considers proper for the effective discharge of its responsibilities and the exercise of its powers.

Sec. 4. Creation of a Secretariat and Meetings. The Committee shall have a Secretariat composed of such personnel as may be detailed to the Committee upon request of the Chairman, which shall collate all data, information and materials, and furnish the necessary support. The Committee shall convene as frequently as necessary to discharge its responsibilities provided for under this Order.

Sec. 5. Financial Requirements. The financial requirements for the Committee's operations shall be provided by the above-mentioned participating agencies and by such other government entities willing to contribute upon request of the Committee.

Done in the City of Manila, this 20th day of March, in the year of Our Lord, nineteen hundred and seventy-two.

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