EXECUTIVE ORDER NO. 366 January 12, 1972


By virtue of the powers vested in me by law, I, FERDINAND, E. MARCOS, President of the Philippines, do hereby create in the Department of National Defense and Assistance Center for Ex-Servicemen (ACES) which shall be charged with the following duties:

1. To formulate and implement plans to enable retiring and retired/honorably discharged military personnel acquire skills useful in civilian endeavors.

2. To liaison and coordinate with civilian agencies and business enterprises for the purpose of assisting retired/honorably discharged military personnel obtain employment in the private sector. Toward this end, the Center shall maintain a list of job vacancies and a list of retired/honorably discharged military personnel appropriately grouped on the basis of their expertise and qualifications.

3. To help retired/honorably discharged military personnel undertake feasibility studies on projects/business ventures in which they can fruitfully engage.

4. To promote the formation, establishment and operation by retired/honorably discharged military personnel of private corporations/cooperatives and to furnish the latter with technical and professional assistance and guidance, information, data and the results of any studies conducted by the Center or available to it.

5. To assist these personnel, their widows and dependents whose problems are brought to the attention of the Secretary of National Defense.

6. To perform such other functions as may from time to time be assigned to it by the President or the Secretary of National Defense.

Within the context of applicable laws, private corporations and cooperatives operated by ex-servicemen shall be given preference in the grant by relevant government agencies of concessions, licenses or permits in carrying out the purposes for which they are established; and in the purchase of necessary items by the Government, preference shall likewise be given to articles manufactured, produced or sold by such corporations and cooperatives.

The Assistance Center for Ex-Servicemen shall be composed of a Chairman and a Vice-Chairman to be designated by the Secretary of National Defense and such subordinate officials and personnel as may be appointed and/or assigned or detailed to this Center from other Offices and Agencies of the Department of National Defense upon recommendation of the Chairman.

Done in the City of Manila, this 12th day of January, in the year of Our Lord, nineteen hundred and seventy-two.

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