Administrative Order No. 503, s. 1985
December 31, 1985
Signed on December 31, 1985: Assigning, transferring and conveying in fee simple to the National Housing Authority parcels of land of the public domain, situated in the City of Manila
Administrative Order No. 502, s. 1985
December 5, 1985
Signed on December 5, 1985: Creating the Special Rizal Day commemoration Committee
Administrative Order No. 501, s. 1985
December 3, 1985
Signed on December 3, 1985: Creating a Board of Generals and Colonels to study the reorganization of the AFP and for other purposes
Administrative Order No. 500, s. 1985
October 23, 1985
Signed on October 23, 1985: Availing of the services of Justice Juan A. Sison during the period of his authorized leave to act as Acting Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board
Administrative Order No. 499, s. 1985
September 1, 1985
Signed on September 1, 1985: Creating a Special Panel to investigate cases involving killings and disappearance of members of media
Administrative Order No. 498, s. 1985
June 25, 1985
Signed on June 25, 1985: Providing additional measures to reduce government expenditures for its operations abroad
Administrative Order No. 497, s. 1985
May 11, 1985
Signed on May 11, 1985: Authorizing the Imperial Insurance, Inc., upon the reinstatement and restoration of the Administrative Order, to become a surety upon official recognizances, stipulations, bonds and undertakings
Administrative Order No. 496, s. 1985
May 8, 1985
Signed on May 8, 1985: Creating a national committee to take charge of the celebration of Philippine Independence Day on June 12, 1985
Administrative Order No. 494, s. 1985
April 24, 1985
Signed on April 24, 1985: Suspending Assistant City Fiscal Santiago Malate from office for three (3) months without pay
Administrative Order No. 493, s. 1985
April 24, 1985
Signed on April 24, 1985: Suspending for one month without pay Fourth Assistant Provincial Fiscal Pablito D. Pacheco of Nueva Ecija
Administrative Order No. 495, s. 1985
April 24, 1985
Signed on April 24, 1985: Dismissing from the service Acting Second Assistant City Fiscal Lauro G. Soriano, Jr., of Quezon City with forfeiture of all benefits due him
Administrative Order No. 492, s. 1985
April 19, 1985
Signed on April 19, 1985: Creating an Executive Committee to take charge of the planning and execution of commemorative activities for the Araw ng Kagitingan celebration