Administrative Order No. 453, s. 1981
December 14, 1981
Signed on December 14, 1981: Creating a committee to conduct an inventory of all planes and to establish a pool to be maintained by the Philippine Air Force or by the Philippine Air Lines.
Administrative Order No. 452, s. 1981
November 26, 1981
Signed on November 26, 1981: Creating the special Rizal Day Commemoration Committee.
Administrative Order No. 451, s. 1981
October 5, 1981
Signed on October 5, 1981: Establishing the Order of Precedence of Government Office
Administrative Order No. 450, s. 1981
May 16, 1981
Signed on May 16, 1981: Eliminating the requirement of a letter of confirmation and tax clearance for participating in public bidding and other purposes, by repealing Administrative Order No. 66.
Administrative Order No. 449, s. 1981
February 26, 1981
Signed on October 26, 1981: Establishing a National Coordinating Committee for Drainage (NCCD) to coordinate and integrate plans, designs, and programs of infrastructure facilities with respect to flood control, drainage and related works