Administrative Order No. 444, s. 1979
December 13, 1979
Signed on December 13, 1979: Extending to the Constitutional Commissions the benefits enjoyed by members of the judiciary in the matter of the rationalized rate of allowances and liberalized computation or retirement benefits and the accumulated leave credits
Administrative Order No. 443, s. 1979
November 21, 1979
Signed on November 21, 1979: Dismissing Ciriaco Jabido as Provincial Treasurer of South Cotabato.
Administrative Order No. 442, s. 1979
November 19, 1979
Signed on November 19, 1979: Creating the special Rizal Day Commemoration Committee.
Administrative Order No. 441, s. 1979
October 19, 1979
Signed on October 19, 1979: Creating an advisory council in the province of Cavite
Administrative Order No. 440, s. 1979
August 3, 1979
Signed on August 3, 1979: Lifting the preventive suspension of Mayor Alfonso Tan, Jr. of Tangub City.
Administrative Order No. 439, s. 1979
April 26, 1979
Signed on April 26, 1979: Creating a Council of advisers for the 6th International Training and Development Conference to be hosted by the Philippines on November 7 to 12, 1979
Administrative Order No. 438, s. 1979
March 21, 1979
Signed on March 21, 1979: Reinstating former Provincial Fiscal Jose M. Aguila of Occidental Mindoro to his former position.
Administrative Order No. 437, s. 1979
March 15, 1979
Signed on March 15, 1979: Creating an Executive Committee to take charge of the planning and execution of commemorative activities for the 37th Anniversary of the Fall of Bataan and the Fall of Corregidor
Administrative Order No. 436, s. 1979
January 23, 1979
Signed on January 23, 1979: Reprimanding Assistant City Fiscal Pastor de Guzman, Jr. and exonerating City Fiscal (now City Judge) Angel Sangalang and Assistant City Fiscal (now City Fiscal) Erdolfo Balajadia, all of Baguio City.