Administrative Order No. 44, s. 1947
October 22, 1947
Signed on October 22, 1947: Authorizing the automatic increaser and payment of salaries to employess of the government receiving less than six hundred pesos per annum
Adminstrative Order No. 43, s. 1947
August 23, 1947
Signed on August 23, 1947: Exonerating Mayor Vicente Del Rosario of the City of Cebu from Administrative Charges
Administrative Order No. 40, s. 1947
August 12, 1947
Signed on August 12, 1947: Reprimanding Provincial Fiscal Lorenzo Coloso of Lanao
Administrative Order No. 42, s. 1947
August 12, 1947
Signed on August 12, 1947: Amending Paragraph 3 of Administrative Order No. 96, dated May 30, 1939, entitled “Created President roosevelt’s Poliomyelitis Committee”
Administrative Order No. 41, s. 1941
August 12, 1947
Signed on August 12, 1947: Prescribing certain rules governing the procedure for the grant of benefits conferred by Republic Act No. 186
Administrative Order No. 39, s. 1947
July 12, 1947
Signed on July 12, 1947: Amending paragraph 4 of Administrative Order No. 41, dated June 17, 1946, entitled “Creating the Philippine Committee of Food and Agriculture”
Administrative Order No. 38, s. 1947
July 12, 1947
Signed on July 12, 1947: Creating a Real Property Board to attend to problems involving real estate in connection with the planning of the City of Manila
Administrative Order No. 37, s. 1947
May 27, 1947
Signed on May 27, 1947: Creating a Committee to make an inquiry into, investigate, and submit recommendations of alleged irregularities in the management and disposition of surplus properties in Cebu Base
Administrative Order No. 36, s. 1947
May 19, 1947
Signed on May 19, 1947: Transferring the administration of the Reverend G. Crisostomo Estate for the Bureau of Lands to the Rural Progress Administration
Administrative Order No. 35, s. 1947
May 13, 1947
Signed on May 13, 1947: Creating a National Committee to take charge of the First Anniversary celebration of the Republic of the Philippines on July 4, 1947
Administrative Order No. 34, s. 1947
May 2, 1947
Signed on May 2, 1947: Authorizing the Alto Surety and Insurance Company, incorporated to become a surety upon official recognizances, stipulations, bonds and undertakings
Administrative Order No. 33, s. 1947
April 21, 1947
Signed on April 21, 1947: Creating a Committee to investigate charges of graft and corruption against officers and employees of the Bureau of Internal Revenue, and to study the present organization and operation of said bureau so as to avoid irregularities therein
Administrative Order No. 32, s. 1947
April 12, 1947
Signed on April 12, 1947: Reconstituting the Committee created by Administrative Order No. 103, dated September 18, 1939, as amended by Administrative Orders Nos. 128 and 144, dated June 7, 1940 and July 2, 1941, respectively
Administrative Order No. 31, s. 1947
March 31, 1947
Signed on March 31, 1947: Requiring Mr. Vicente Bautista, Judge of the Municipal Court, Branch III, of the City of Manila, to resign
Administrative Order No. 30, s. 1947
March 28, 1947
Signed on March 28, 1947: Creating a Committee to receive, classify, process or screen, for presentation to the Philippines Repararions and Restitution Mission in Tokyo, Japan, all claims against Japan for the restitution of looted goods filed by private persons and corporations and by the various agencies and instrumentalities of the Government
Administrative Order No. 29, s. 1947
March 28, 1947
Signed on March 28, 1947: Creating a Reparations Advisory Committee to study and make recommendations on reparations removals for distribution in the Philippines and the manner by which their utilization would meet the requirements of the national economy
Administrative Order No. 28, s. 1947
March 5, 1947
Signed on March 5, 1947: Amending Administrative Order No. 7, dated July 30, 1946, entitled “Creating the Civil Aeronautics Commission” as amended by Administrative Order No. 10, dated August 24, 1946
Administrative Order No. 27, s. 1947
February 23, 1947
Signed on February 23, 1947: Creating a Committee to study and make recommendations regarding the proposal for the purchase by the Government of shares of stock of the Manila Gas Corporation
Administrative Order No. 26, s. 1947
February 17, 1947
Signed on February 17, 1947: Removing Rafael Merin from office as Municipal Mayor of Mahatao, Batanes
Administrative Order No. 25, s. 1947
January 13, 1947
Signed on January 13, 1947: Creating a Committee to study and recommend the best use that may be made of the Montalban Watershed
Administrative Order No. 24, s. 1947
January 6, 1947
Signed on January 6, 1947: Granting full and plenary pardon to Conrado R. Soledad, enlisted man of the Reserve Force, Philippine Army