Administrative Order No. 84, s. 1938
December 28, 1938
Signed on December 28, 1938: Restoring the name of the Philippine Constabulary Band
Administrative Order No. 83, s. 1938
December 23, 1938
Signed on December 23, 1938: Exonerating Undersecretary of Finance Guillermo Gomez from the charges filed against him in his capacity as Acting Insular Collector of Customs
Administrative Order No. 82, s. 1938
November 28, 1938
Signed on November 28, 1938: In Re: Ceferino R. Diño, former Provincial Treasurer of Albay
Administrative Order No. 81, s. 1938
November 19, 1938
Signed on November 19, 1938: Creating a committee to arrange for and take charge of the participation of the Commonwealth of the Philippines in the Golden Gate Exposition
Administrative Order No. 80, s. 1938
October 13, 1938
Signed on October 13, 1938: Requiring Auxiliary Justice of the Peace Daniel Corro of Barugo, Leyte, to resign from office
Administrative Order No. 79, s. 1938
September 27, 1938
Signed on September 27, 1938: Exonerating Mr. Ray Hurley, Census Expert in the Office of the President, from certain charges
Administrative Order No. 78, s. 1938
September 27, 1938
Signed on September 27, 1938: Creating a Commonwealth Triumphal Arch Committee
Administrative Order No. 77, s. 1938
September 15, 1938
Signed on September 15, 1938: In Re: the Honorable Geronimo Paredes, ex-Judge of the Court of First Instance, Seventeenth Judicial District
Administrative Order No. 76, s. 1938
September 12, 1938
Signed on September 12, 1938: Revoking the suspension of Provincial Board Member Enrique Medina of Negros Oriental
Administrative Order No. 75, s. 1938
August 1, 1938
Signed on August 1, 1938: Exonerating Pablo L. Torres, Mayor of Lipa, Batangas, from charges of irregularity in office
Administrative Order No. 74, s. 1938
June 26, 1938
Signed on June 26, 1938: Creating a Committee to study and report on the proposed acquisition of tabulating equipment for the Commission of the Census
Administrative Order No. 73, s. 1938
June 24, 1938
Signed on June 24, 1938: Creating a Committee to study and report on the advisability of adjustment of the present rate charged by the Manila Railroad Company for the carriage of mail over its lines
Administrative Order No. 72, s. 1938
June 24, 1938
Signed on June 24, 1938: Requiring Assistant Provincial Fiscal Evaristo Carmona of Cagayan to resign from office
Administrative Order No. 71, s. 1938
June 24, 1938
Signed on June 24, 1938: Creating an advisory body to the National Relief Administrator
Administrative Order No. 70, s. 1938
June 22, 1938
Signed on June 22, 1938: Creating the Manila Beautiful Committee
Administrative Order No. 69, s. 1938
June 22, 1938
Signed on June 22, 1938: Directing the Court of Industrial Relations to conduct an immediate investigation of all facts relating to private industrial and commercial enterprises in and around Manila in order to determine the necessity of adopting a minimum wage for laborers working therein
Administrative Order No. 68, s. 1938
June 3, 1938
Signed on June 3, 1938: Requiring Provincial Treasurer Ceferino R. Diño of Albay, to resign from office
Administrative Order No. 67, s. 1938
May 26, 1938
Signed on May 26, 1938: Creating the “Philippine Airways Board”
Administrative Order No. 66, s. 1938
May 11, 1938
Signed on May 11, 1938: Promulgating rules and regulations governing the appointment of government pensionados
Administrative Order No. 65, s. 1938
April 22, 1938
Signed on April 22, 1938: Creating a Committee on improvement of the electrical power transmission system in the City of Manila
Administrative Order No. 64, s. 1938
April 9, 1938
Signed on April 9, 1938: Creating a committee to look into the advisability of continuing the use of the military head-gear
Administrative Order No. 63, s. 1938
March 17, 1938
Signed on March 17, 1938: Filling of positions and promotions and observance of seniority rule in the Civil Service
Administrative Order No. 62, s. 1938
March 2, 1938
Signed on March 2, 1938: Requiring that additional laborers to be employed in any work to be undertaken by any bureau, office, subdivision, branch or dependency of the Commonwealth Government be taken from those registered with the National Relief Administration
Administrative Order No. 61, s. 1938
March 2, 1938
Signed on March 2, 1938: Removing Provincial Treasurer Zoilo Tolentino of Surigao from office for cause
Administrative Order No. 60, s. 1938
February 15, 1938
Signed on February 15, 1938: Dismissing Eliseo G. Dayao from office as Justice of the Peace of Pikit, Pagaluñgan, Silik, Carmen, Kabacan, Balatican, Danisilan, Kidapawan, and Kitubud, Province of Cotabato
Administrative Order No. 59, s. 1938
January 14, 1938
Signed on January 14, 1938: Rules and regulations governing the acquisition of public lands, forest concessions, leases, license agreements, fishpond permits, commercial fishing boat licenses, mining and oil concessions, or any license or permit for the exploitation of any natural resources in Mindanao and Sulu by officers and enlisted men of the Philippine Army, national or provincial officials and employees in said region
Administrative Order No. 58, s. 1938
January 13, 1938
Signed on January 13, 1938: Appointing Ramon J. Fernandez as Chairman of the Committee to study the proposed establishment of a foreign trade zone at the port of Manila