Supreme Court Circulars

Circular No. 21-99
April 15, 1999
Effectivity of Provisions of Section 5 Republic Act No. 7691 Further Increasing the Jurisdictional Amounts Prescribed By Certain Provisions of Batas Pambansa Blg. 129, As Amended.
Circular No. 12-99
February 25, 1999
Granting Incentives To Judges Who Are Given Additional Duty of Hearing and Deciding Cases of Other Branches of Their Courts Or of Other Courts of the Same Level.
Circular No. 11-99
February 23, 1999
Transfer To the Regional Trial Courts of Cases Falling Within the Jurisdiction of the Family Courts From the Metropolitan Trial Courts, Municipal Trial Court in Cities, Municipal Trial Courts and Municipal Circuit Trial Courts
Circular No. 4-99
January 12, 1999
Philja Memorandum Circular No. 1-99 Dated January 7, 1999 Re: Rules and Requirements Pertaining To Inclusion of Philja Educational Programs in All Conventions/Conferences of Judges and Court Personnel
Circular No. 3-99
January 12, 1999
Inclusion of Complete Information in Hold-Departure Orders
Circular No. 47-98
September 11, 1998
Disposition of Firearm, Ammunition Or Explosive in Custodia Legis
Circular No. 38-98
August 11, 1998
Implementing the Provisions of Republic Act No. 8493, Entitled "An Act To Ensure A Speedy Trial of All Criminal Cases Before the Sandiganbayan, Regional Trial Court, Metropolitan Trial Court, Municipal Trial Court in Cities, Municipal Trial Court and Municipal Circuit Trial Court, Appropriating Funds Therefor, and For Other Purposes."
Circular No. 33-98
June 3, 1998
Inventory of Criminal Cases Falling Within the Jurisdiction of the Family Courts
Circular No. 10-98
February 2, 1998
Submission of the Certificate of the Service and the Certification in Support of Claims For Extraordinary and Miscellaneous Expenses
Circular No. 9-98
January 27, 1998
Observance of the Statutory Requirements For Marriages and the Prescribed Amounts of Fees For the Solemnization of Marriages
Circular No. 5-98
January 12, 1998
Requirements For the Publication of Judicial Notices and Other Similar Announcements
Circular No. 71-97
October 23, 1997
Service of Notices, Motions, Orders, Judgments and Other Papers in Land Registration Cases
Circular No. 70-97
October 21, 1997
Procedural Guidelines in the Collection of the Filing Fees Subject of Supreme Court Circular No. 57-97 Dated 16 September 1997 and Other Legal Fees Involved; and the Docketing of the Criminal Case/S on the Violation of Batas Pambansa Blg. 22
Circular No. 66-97
October 14, 1997
Application For and Grant of Pardon and Parole
Circular No. 63-97
October 6, 1997
Modification of Circular No. 4-92-A on the Transfer of National Prisoners To the Bureau of Corrections in Muntinlupa, Metro Manila
Circular No. 62-97
October 9, 1997
Rules and Regulations on Teaching
Circular No. 69-97
October 6, 1997
Resolution No. 2, Series 1997 of the Dangerous Drugs Board
Circular No. 57-97
September 16, 1997
Rules and Guidelines in the Filing and Prosecution of Criminal Cases Under Batas Pambansa Blg. 22.
Circular No. 95-96
December 5, 1996
Strict Compliance With Paragraph 5 of the Interim Rules Implementing the Judiciary Reorganization Act of 1981 (Bp Blg. 129)
Circular No. 63-96
September 9, 1996
Strict Compliance of Pd No. 1079 (Revising and Consolidating All Laws and Decrees Regulating the Publication of Judicial Notices, Advertisements For Public Biddings, Notices of Auction Sales and Other Similar Notices)
Circular No. 68-94
November 3, 1994
Strictly Observance of Section 1 of P.D. 1818 Envisioned By Circular No. 13093 Dated March 5, 1993 and Circular No. 20-92 Dated March 24, 1992
Circular No. 59-94
October 10, 1994
Collection and Remittance of the Victim Compensation Fee of Five (P5,00) Pesos
Circular No. 48-94
July 25, 1994
Furnishing the Criminal Investigation Service Command National Capital Judicial Region Copies of Warrants of Arrest
Circular No. 38-94
June 6, 1994
Persons Recommended By Courts For Inclusion in the Hold Order List of the Department of Foreign Affairs
Circular No. 24-94
April 18, 1994
Resolution of the Court En Banc Approving and Promulgating the Revised Provision on Execution of Judgments, Specifically in Appealed Cases and Amending Section 1, Rule 39 of the Rules of Court.
Circular No. 42-93
August 27, 1993
Issuance of Mittimus/Commitment Order
Circular No. 22-93
April 23, 1993
Section 18-A, Amendment To Rule 141
Circular No. 13-93
March 5, 1993
Presidential Decree No. 1818
Circular No. 6-93
February 9, 1993
Section 22, Rule 39 and Section 7, Rule 141 of the Rules of Court Reiterated in Adm. Matter No. P-89-290 (Oca Vs. Ramon G. Enriquez)
Circular No. 56-92
October 5, 1992
Speedy Disposition of Criminal Cases With Detention Prisoners and With Witness Protection, Security and Benefit (Wpsb) Witnesses
Circular No. 25-92
May 7, 1992
Cases Submitted For Decision
Circular No. 4-92-A
April 20, 1992
Transfer of National Prisoners To the Bureau of Corrections in Muntinlupa, Metro Manila
Circular No. 22-92
April 1, 1992
Amending and Modifying Section 10 of Rule 41 and Section 8 of Rule 46 of the Rules of Court Prescribing the Procedure Governing the Processing of Appeals in the Court of Appeals and in the Regional Trial Courts, and Section 13 of Rule 46 of the Rules of Court Providing For the Time of Filing Memoranda in Appeals in Special Cases
Circular No. 30-91
September 30, 1991
Guidelines on the Functions of the Office of the Court Administrator
Circular No. 23-91
September 17, 1991
Additional Requisites For Petitions Filed With the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals To Prevent Forum Shopping Or Multiple Filing of Petitions and Complaints.
Circular No. 28-91
September 4, 1991
Additional Requisites For Petitions Filed With the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals To Prevent Forum Shopping Or Multiple Filing of Petitions and Complaints
Circular No. 19-91
August 13, 1991
Prescribing Strict Compliance With Sections 3 and 5 in Relation To Section 10 of Rule 13 of the Rules of Court on Service Or Petition Or Motion For Extension
Circular No. 3-91
May 20, 1991
Service of Writs and Court Processes in Connection With Cases Involving Foreign Governments Or Instrumentalities Thereof
Circular No. 2-91
May 15, 1991
Presidential Decree No. 1818
Circular No. 1-91
February 27, 1991
Prescribing the Rules Governing Appeals To the Court of Appeals From A Final Order Or Decision of the Court of Tax Appeals and Quasi-Judicial Agencies.
Circular No. 2-90*
March 9, 1990
Guidelines To Be Observed in Appeals To the Court of Appeals and To the Supreme Court
Circular No. 1-90
February 26, 1990
Power of the Municipal Trial Court Judges and Municipal Circuit Trial Court Judges To Act As Notaries Public Ex Officio
Circular No. 3-89
February 6, 1989
Complaints Filed With the Ibp Against Justices and Judges of the Lower Courts.
Circular No. 2-89
February 7, 1989
Guidelines and Rules in the Referral To the Court En Banc of Cases Assigned To A Division.
Circular No. 1-89
January 19, 1989
Guidelines To Be Observed By Designated Branches of the Trial Courts in the Conduct of Mandatory Continuous Trial.
Circular No. 17
December 20, 1988
Complaints Against Justices and Judges of the Lower Courts Filed With the Commission on Bar Discipline To Be Promptly Referred To the Supreme Court For Appropriate Action.
Circular No. 12
June 30, 1988
Prohibition of Governors and Mayors From the Practice of Law
Circular No. 10
May 18, 1988
Re: Increase of Filing Fee For Notarial Commission and Specifying Fees For Issuance of Court Clearances, Etc.
Circular No. 9
May 17, 1988
Opinion No. 40, Series of 1988 of the Department of Justice on the Proper Interpretation of Section 30 of R.A. 6425, As Amended.
Circular No. 7
March 24, 1988
All Complaints Must Specify the Amount of Damages Sought Not Only in the Body of the Pleading, But Also in the Prayer in Order To Be Accepted and Admitted For Filing. the Amount of Damages So Specified in the Complaint Shall Be the Basis For Assessing the Amount of the Filing Fees.
Circular No. 22
September 22, 1987
Service of Writs and Court Processes in Connection With Cases Involving Foreign Governments Or Instrumentalities Thereof
Circular No. 20
August 7, 1987
Designation of Certain Branches of the Regional Trial Courts To Handle Exclusively Certain Criminal Cases.
Circular No. 19
August 4, 1987
Amended Guidelines and Procedures on Applications For Search Warrants For Illegal Possessions of Firearms and Other Serious Crimes Filed in Metro Manila Courts and Other Courts With Multiple Salas
Circular No. 13
July 1, 1987
Guidelines in the Administration of Justice
Circular No. 12
June 30, 1987
Guidelines on Issuance of Warrants of Arrests Under Section 2, Article Iii, 1987 Constitution
Circular No. 9
May 20, 1987
Non-Imposition of the Death Penalty
Circular No. 8
May 15, 1987
Amendment of Rule 39, Section 18 of the Rules of Court on Notice of Sale of Property on Execution
Circular No. 5
April 7, 1987
Special Rules in Criminal Proceedings Involving Youthful Offenders
Circular No. 4
April 6, 1987
Taking of Deposition of Witnesses Residing Abroad To Be Coursed Through the Department of Foreign Affairs
Circular No. 19
December 19, 1986
Adoption of Rule 138a of the Reversed Rules of Court To Permit Limited Law Student Practice
Circular No. 18
December 15, 1986
Executive Order No. 50, Dated October 20, 1986.
Circular No. 12
October 2, 1986
Adoption Cases
Circular No. 11
September 16, 1986
Reminder To Strictly Comply With the Provisions of Rule 136 of the Rules of Court.
Circular No. 10
August 28, 1986
Restatement and Clarification of the Rules on Filing of Motions For Extension of Time To File Motion For New Trial Or Reconsideration and the Modes and Periods of Appeal.
Circular No. 8
June 18, 1986
Proper Identification of A Particular Court By Indicating Its Specific Branch in Arabic Instead of Roman Numerals.
Circular No. 7
June 3, 1986
Pairing System in the Regional Trial Courts
Circular No. 3
March 12, 1986
Procedure in Cases Involving Government Officers Who Have Ceased To Hold Office
Circular No. 2
March 11, 1986
Continue Discharging Their Judicial Functions Without Interruption and Delay
Circular No. 10
July 24, 1985
Inclusion of Number and Date of Official Receipt of Payment of Annual Membership Dues To the Integrated Bar of the Philippines in All Pleadings, Motions and Papers To Be Filed in Court.
Circular No. 14
May 29, 1984
Revision And/Or Modification of the Notice of Sale of Extra-Judicial Foreclosure
Circular No. 7
November 10, 1980
Orders Arising From Motions For Inhibitions Should Not Be Treated As Administrative in Character But Should Be Considered As Judicial.
Circular No. 20
October 4, 1979
Amendment To Paragraph Iii, Subparagraph 2 of Circular No. 7, Dated September 23, 1974, Re-Raffle of Cases
Circular No. 7
September 23, 1974
A Uniform Method of Assignment of Cases To the Different Branches of Courts of First Instance
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