Administrative Circulars

A.C. No. 08-2008
January 25, 2008
Guidelines in the Observance of a Rule of Preference in the Imposition of Penalties in Libel Cases.
A.C. No. 13-2001
February 14, 2001
Clarification of Administrative Circular No. 12-2000 on the Penalty for Violation of Batas Pambansa Blg. 22, Otherwise Known as the Bouncing Check Law.
A.C. No. 12-2001
February 21, 2001
An Act Penalizing the Making or Drawing and Issuance of a Check Without Sufficient Funds for Credit and for Other Purposes
A.C. No. 3-2001
January 3, 2001
Display of Court Calendar
A.C. No. 2-2001
January 2, 2001
Amendment to Item No. A.2. of Administrative Circular No. 10-94 Dated 29 June 1994.
A.C. No. 1-2001
January 2, 2001
Submission of Lists of Cases Filed/Raffled, Disposed, Archived, Transferred/Reraffled, and With Suspended Proceedings
A.C. No. 2-2000
May 1, 2000
Guidelines on Withholding of Salaries and Other Monetary Benefits or Set-Off Against Salaries of Allegedly Erroneously Released Monetary Benefits.
A.C. No. 1-2000
February 17, 2000
Directing Trial Judges to Faithfully Observe or Implement the Last Paragraph of Article 29 of The Revised Penal Code, As Amended.
A.C. No. 07-99
June 25, 1999
Exercise of Utmost Caution, Prudence, and Judiciousness in Issuance of Temporary Restraining Orders and Writs of Preliminary Injunctions
A.C. No. 3-99
January 15, 1999
Insure Speedy Disposition of Cases
A.C. No. 2-99
January 15, 1999
The Officials and Employees of the Judiciary Must Be Role Models in the Faithful Observance of the Constitutional Canon That Public Office is a Public Trust.
A.C. No. 1-99
January 15, 1999
Enhancing the Dignity of Courts As Temples of Justice and Promoting Respect for Their Officials and Employees
A.C. No. 2-98
January 28, 1998
Disposition of "Inherited Cases" Forwarded To the Judiciary Planning Development and Implementation Office (JPDIO)
A.C. No. 33-96
April 24, 1996
Joint Memorandum Circular of the Supreme Court, the Departmet of Justice and the Department of the Interior and Local Government on the Guidelines on Police Witnesses and Arrest of Accused Who Jumped Bail
A.C. No. 3-96
April 17, 1996
Clarification of the Provisions of Paragraph (3), Revised Circular No. 1-88 and Supplemental Rules Therefor.
A.C. No. 1-95
December 15, 1995
Rules Governing Appeals To the Court of Appeals From Judgments Or Final Orders of the Court of Tax Appeals and Quasi-Judicial Agencies.
A.C. No. 23-95
October 11, 1995
Speedy Disposition of Case Involving Children
A.C. No. 22-95
October 11, 1995
Amendment of Sections 1 and 6, Rules 71 of the Rules of Court
A.C. No. 20-95
September 12, 1995
Re: Special Rules for Temporary Restraining Orders and Preliminary Injunctions.
A.C. No. 13-95
June 20, 1995
Resolution of the Court En Banc Approving and Promulgating the Revised Provisions on the Venue of Civil Cases in the Regular Trial Courts and Amending Rule 4 of the Rules of Court
A.C. No. 68-94
November 3, 1994
Strict Observance of Section 1 of P.D. 1818 Envisioned by Circular No. 13-93 Dated March 5, 1993 and Circular No. 20-92 Dated March 24, 1992
A.C. No. 18-94
November 29, 1994
Designation of Clerks of Court of Regional Trial Courts As Ex Officio Clerks of Court of the Sandiganbayan
A.C. No. 17-94
November 14, 1994
One Week At the End of Every Semester May Be Devoted To Docket Inventory
A.C. No. 12-94
August 16, 1994
Amendments To Rule 114 on the 1985 Rules on Criminal Procedures As Amended.
A.C. No. 10-94
June 29, 1994
Docket Inventory and Monthly Posting of List of Submitted Cases
A.C. No. 11-94
June 28, 1994
Amendments To Section 7 (A) and (D) and Section 8 (A) and (B), Rule 141, Rules of Court, As Last Amended on September 4, 1990, and Effective November 2, 1990, in View of the Expanded Jurisdiction of the Lower Courts Under Republic Act No. 7691
A.C. No. 09-94
June 14, 1994
Guidelines in the Implementation of Republic Act No. 7691. Entitled "An Act Expanding the Jurisdiction of the Metropolitan Trial Courts, Municipal Trial Courts and Municipal Trial Courts and Municipal Circuit Trial Courts, Amending for the Purpose Batas Pambansa Blg. 129, Otherwise Known As the 'Judiciary Reorganization Act of 1980."
A.C. No. 7-94
April 25, 1994
Comelec Resolution No. 2699, Promulgated March 29, 1994, Re: Inclusion and Exclusion of Voters
A.C. No. 04-94
February 8, 1994
Additional Requisites for Civil Complaints, Petitions and Other Initiatory Pleadings Filed in All Courts and Agencies, Other Than the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals, To Prevent Forum Shopping Or Multiple Filing of Such Pleadings.
A.C. No. 3-94
January 26, 1994
Guidelines in the Distribution of Cases Among Reassigned Judges and Those of Newly Created Branches
A.C. No. 1-94
January 13, 1994
Assignment of Cases for Newly Organized Courts
A.C. No. 16-93
September 9, 1993
Procedure After Affirmance Or Modification By Supreme Court Or Court of Appeals of Judgments of Conviction in Criminal Cases
A.C. No. 8-93
June 21, 1993
Preparation and Submission of Quarterly Report of Cases, in Lieu of the Monthly Report of Cases, To the Supreme Court
A.C. No. 37-93
May 28, 1993
Amendment To Manual for Clerks of Court
A.C. No. 64-93
April 21, 1993
Delegated Jurisdiction of METCS, MTCCS, MTCS and MCTCS to Hear and Determine Cadastral and Land Registration Cases
A.C. No. 9-92
October 29, 1992
R.A. No. 7636 Repealing R.A. No. 1700, As Amended (Anti-Subversion Act)
A.C. No. 8-92
October 12, 1992
Agrarian Reform Code
A.C. No. 7-A-92
June 21, 1993
Guidelines in the Archiving of Cases
A.C. No. 6-A-92
June 21, 1993
The Correct Application of the Penalties of Reclusion Perpetua and Life Imprisonment
A.C. No. 6-92
October 8, 1992
Correct Application of the Penalty of Reclusion Perpetua
A.C. No. 3-92
August 31, 1992
Prohibition Against Use of Halls of Justice for Residential and Commercial Purposes
A.C. No. 2-92
January 20, 1992
Cancellation of Bail Bond of Accused Convicted of Capital Offense in the Regional Trial Court
A.C. No. 28-91
December 13, 1991
The Attention of the Court Has Been Called To the Collection of Legal Fees By Clerks of Court for Preparing Or Notarizing Complaints Or Affidavits in Criminal Cases
A.C. No. 43-90
December 26, 1990
Accreditation of Newspapers (Abolition of Council for Print Media)
A.C. No. 31-90
October 15, 1990
Re: Guidelines for Allocating the Legal Fees Collected Under Rule 141, As Revised, Between the General Fund and the Judiciary Development Fund .
A.C. No. 24-90
July 12, 1990
Revised Rules on Transcription of Stenographic Notes and Their Transmission To Appellate Court
A.C. No. 5-90
February 15, 1990
Expeditious Disposition of Cases Involving Tourists
A.C. No. 3-90
January 31, 1990
Mandatory Continuous Trial in All Courts
A.C. No. 56
December 18, 1989
Letter-Directive of Major Gen. of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), Ramon E . Montano, on Court Appearance of PC/INP Personnel .
A.C. No. 59
November 19, 1989
Service of Summons
A.C. No. 58
November 19, 1989
Attendance of Government Employees, Military and Police Officers, Physicians and Other Technical Experts or Witnesses in Court Proceedings.
A.C. No. 57
November 19, 1989
Issuance of Certified True Copies of Decisions and Orders
A.C. No. 35
July 27, 1989
Increase in the Number of Courts Conducting Mandatory Continuous Trial.
A.C. No. 29
July 3, 1989
Regular Dialogues/Conferences on Conciliation of Disputes.
A.C. No. 28
July 3, 1989
Re: Submission of Memoranda
A.C. No. 25
June 9, 1989
Use of Black Robes By Trial Judges
A.C. No. 5
October 4, 1988
Prohibition To Work As Insurance Agent
A.C. No. 4
September 22, 1988
Expeditious Disposition of Cases
A.C. No. I-A
July 5, 1988
A.C. No. 1, Dated January 28, 1988 (Re: 1, Effective Docket Control, Par. 1.2)
A.C. No. 1
January 28, 1988
Implementation of Sec. 12, Art. XVIII of the 1987 Constitution
A.C. No. 6
December 5, 1977
Applications for Transfer of Prisoners From One Place To Another for Purposes of Testifying At the Hearing Or the Trial of An Action.
A.C. No. 2
Considering the Provisions of Sec. 12, Art. XVIII of the 1987 Constitution Mandating the Adoption of a Systematic Plan To Expedite the Decision Or Resolution of Cases Or Matters Pending in the Supreme Court and the Lower Courts, and Complementing Further the Court's Resolution of April 7, 1988, Complementing Circular No. 1, of January 28, 1988
A.C. No. 13
Guidelines and Procedure in the Issuance of Search Warrants.
A.C. No. 12
Guidelines and Procedure in the Service and Execution of Court Writs and Processes in the Reorganized Courts
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