Rules of Court - Special Proceedings

Rule 72 Subject Matter and Applicability of General Rules
Rule 73 Venue and Process
Rule 74 Summary Settlement of Estate
Rule 75 Production of Will. Allowance of Will Necessary
Rule 76 Allowance or Disallowance of Will
Rule 77 Allowance of Will Proved Outside of Philippines and Administration of Estate Thereunder
Rule 78 Letters Testamentary and of Administration, When and to Whom Issued
Rule 79 Opposing Issuance Of Letters Testamentary. Petition And Contest For Letters Of Administration
Rule 80 Special Administrator
Rule 81 Bond of Executors and Administrators
Rule 82 Revocation of Administration, Death, Resignation, and Removal of Executors or Administrators
Rule 83 Inventory and Appraisal. Provision for Support of Family
Rule 84 General Powers and Duties of Executors and Administrators
Rule 85 Accountability and Compensation of Executors and Administrators
Rule 86 Claims Against Estate
Rule 87 Actions By and Against Executors and Administrators
Rule 88 Payment of the Debts of the Estate
Rule 89 Sales, Mortgages, and Other Encumbrances of Property of Decedent
Rule 90 Distribution and Partition of the Estate
Rule 91 Escheats
Rule 92 Venue
Rule 93 Appointment of Guardians
Rule 94 Bonds of Guardians
Rule 95 Selling and Encumbering Property of Ward
Rule 96 General Powers and Duties of Guardians
Rule 97 Termination of Guardianship
Rule 98 Trustees
Rule 99
New Rule on Adoption
Adoption and Custody of Minors
Rule 100 Rescission and Revocation of Adoption
Rule 101 Proceedings for Hospitalization of Insane Persons
Rule 102 Habeas Corpus
Rule 103 Change of Name
Rule 104 Voluntary Dissolution of Corporations
Rule 105 Judicial Approval of Voluntary Recognition of Minor Natural Children
Rule 106 Constitution of Family Home
Rule 107 Absentees
Rule 108 Cancellation Or Correction Of Entries In The Civil Registry
Rule 109 Appeals in Special Proceedings
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