Professional Regulation Commission

  • Mandates
  • Republic Act 8981 mandates the following:

  • Institutionalization of centerpiece programs -

    • Full computerization

    • careful selection of Professional Regulatory Board members, and

    • monitoring of school performance to upgrade quality of education

  • Updating of organizational structure for operational efficiency and effectiveness;

  • Strengthening of PRC's enforcement powers, including regulatory powers over foreign professionals practicing in the country;

  • Authority to use income for full computerization; and

  • Upgrading of compensation and allowances of Chairperson to that of a Department Secretary and those of the Commissioners to that of Undersecretary.

  • Functions
  • Quasi-Judical
    Investigates cases against erring examinees and professionals. Its decisions have the force and effect of the decisions of a court of law, with the same level of authority as a Regional Trial Court. After the lapse of the period within which to file an appeal, Commission decisions become final and executory.

    Formulates rules and policies on professional regulation. When published in the official gazette, these rules have the force and effect of law.

    Administer, implements, and enforces the regulatory policies of the national government, including the maintenance of professional and occupational standards and ethics and the enforcement of the rules and regulations relative thereto.

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