Local Water Utilities Administration

  • Purpose and Formation
  • Purpose.
    Local water district may be formed pursuant to this Title for the purpose of (a) acquiring, installing, improving, maintaining and operating water supply and distribution systems for domestic, industrial, municipal and agricultural uses for residents and lands within the boundaries of such districts, (b) providing, maintaining and operating wastewater collection, treatment and disposal facilities, and (c) conducting such other functions and operations incident to water resources development, utilization and disposal within such districts, as are necessary or incidental to said purpose.

    Formation of District.
    This Act is the source of authorization and power to form and maintain a district. Once formed, a district is subject to the provisions of this Act and not under the jurisdiction of any political subdivision. For purposes of this Act, a district shall be considered as a quasi-public corporation* performing public service and supplying public wants. As such, a district shall exercise the powers, rights and privileges given to private corporation under existing laws, in addition to the powers granted in, and subject to such restriction imposed under, this Act. To form a district, the legislative body of any city, municipality or province amended by Sec. 1,PD 1479).

    • The name of the local water district, which shall include the name of the city, municipality, or province, or region thereof, served by side system, followed by the words "Water District."

    • A description of the boundary of the district. In the case of a city or municipality, such boundary may include all lands within the city or municipalities, cities or provinces, or portions thereof: Provide, That such municipalities, cities or provinces, or portions thereof, cover a contagious area. (As amended by Sec. 2, PD 768)

    • A statement completely transferring any and all waterworks and/or sewerage facilities managed, operated by or under the control of such city, municipality or province to such district upon the filing of resolution forming the district. (As amended by Sec. 2 PD 768: Sec. 1,PD 1479)

    • A statement identifying the purpose for which the district is formed, which shall include those purposes outlined in Section 5 above.

    • The names of the initial directors of the district with the date of expiration of the term of office for each which shall be on the 31st of December of first, second, or third even-numbered year after assuming office, as set forth in Section 11 hereof. (As amended by Sec. 2, PD 768)

    • A statement that the district may only be dissolved on the grounds and under the conditions set forth in Section 45 of this Title.

    • A statement acknowledging the powers, rights and obligations as set forth in Section 25 of this Title.

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