Department of Transportation and Communication

  • Mandate
  • The Ministry shall be the primary policy, planning programming, coordinating, implementing, regulating and administrative entity of the Executive Branch of the government in the promotion, development and regulation of dependable and coordinated networks of transportation and communications systems, as well as in the fast, safe, efficient and reliable postal, transportation and communications services.

    To accomplish such mandate, the Ministry shall have the following objectives:

    1. Promote the development of dependable and coordinated networks of transportation and communications systems;

    2. Guide government and private investments in the development of the country’s inter- modal transportation and communications systems in a most practical, expeditious and orderly fashion for maximum safety, service and cost effectiveness;

    3. Impose appropriate measures so that technical, economic and other conditions for the continuing economic viability of the transportation and communications entities are not just jeopardized and do not encourage inefficiency and distortion of traffic patronage;

    4. Develop an integrated plan for a nationwide transmission system in accordance with national and international telecommunications service requirements including, among others, radio and television broadcast relaying, leased channel services and data transmission;

    5. Guide government and private investments in the establishment, operation and maintenance of an international switching system for incoming and outgoing telecommunications services;

    6. Encourage the development of a domestic telecommunications industry in coordination with the concerned entities particularly the manufacture of communications/ electronics equipment and components to complement and support; as much as possible, the expansion, development, operation and maintenance of the nationwide telecommunications network;

    7. Provide for a sale, reliable and efficient postal system for the country.

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