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WHEREAS, our economic development program requires the progressive and orderly exploitation of mineral resources;

WHEREAS, pursuant to Section 3 (O) of Commonwealth Act No. 136, the President of the Philippines issued Executive Order No. 245 dated July 10, 1970, prescribing the procedures of mineral prospecting and exploitation in government reservation other than mineral reservation;

WHEREAS, in accordance with Executive Order No. 245 and Presidential Decree No. 463, Boma Mining Exploration Company applied for and was duly granted, first a Prospecting Permit by the Bureau of Forest Development and subsequently, an Exploration Permit by the Bureau of Mines, over a certain parcel of the Central Cordillera Forest Reserve;

WHEREAS, various investigation, exploration works and feasibility studies caused to be undertaken by applicant Boma Mining Exploration Company and verified by the Bureau of Mines revealed that applied area is more valuable for Mining purposes rather than for the purpose for which it has been reserved, and that the copper deposit therein could be commercially exploited;

WHEREAS, applicant Boma Mining Exploration Company, after having compiled with the requirements under Executive Order No. 245 series of 1970 and Sec. 101 of the Consolidated Mines Administrative Order implementing Section 90 of P.D. 643, otherwise known as the "Mineral Resources Development Decree of 1974", now requests the exclusion of the applied area from the forest reservation.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, FERDINAND E. MARCOS, President of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by the Constitution do hereby decree and order that a parcel of land within the Central Cordillera Forest Reserves established under Proclamation No. 217 dated February 16, 1929, be excluded from the operation of said Proclamation and hereby award the development, exploitation and utilization of the copper deposit and other minerals found therein to Boma Mining Exploration Company, subject to existing rights, if any there be, and to existing policies, laws, rules and regulations pertinent thereto, which parcel of land is particularly described as follows:

Area Covered by Exploration Permit No. 21

Beginning at a point marked "1" on Plan P 120-73 being N 40_32'E, 7756.89 m from Triangulation Sta. "DAG", BMRP SWO-V-77, thence S 1_45'W, 251.73 m. to Point la; thence S 4 59'W, 325. 69 m. to Point lb; thence N 23_53'W, 285.82 m to Point lc; thence S 32_15'W, 267.09 m. to Point ld; thence S 29_08'W, 122.35 m to Point le; thence S 13_53'W, 451.28 m to Point lf; thence S 7_13'W, 295.51 m to Point lg; thence S 56_21'W, 269.76 m to Point lh; thence 15_E, 292.37 m to Point li; thence S 72_25'W, 77.07 m to Point lj; thence S 120_30'E, 130.19 m to Point lk; thence N 64_30'E, 278.34 m to Point ll; thence S 28_31'E, 182.81 m to Point lm; thence S 38_57'W, 394.10 m to Point ln; thence S 57_21'E; 232.46 m to Point lo; thence S 0_30'E, 213.76 m to Point lp; thence S 67_22'W, 147.61 m to Point lq; thence S 4_41'W, 350.50 m to Point lr; thence N 60_06'W,245.71 m to Point ls; thence S 12_01'W, 116.77 m to Point lt; thence South, 23.26 m to Point 2; thence West, 2889.18 m to Point 3; thence North, 1027.64 m to Point 4; thence N 37_00'E, 2554.82 m to Point 4a; thence East, 2156.27 m to Point "1" which is the point of beginning, containing a total area of 844.8608 hectares, as indicated in the attached Plan of Boundary Survey.

In case of mineral deposits found therein are not developed and exploited as is the purpose of this Decree, the area so excluded is hereby declared a mineral reservation, and the disposition thereof shall be governed by Presidential Decree No. 463 and the rules and regulations on the matter.

Done in the City of Manila, this 11th day of June, in the year of Our Lord, nineteen hundred and seventy-eight.

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