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WHEREAS, it has been the clamor of the residents of certain barangays in the municipalities of Angat, Norzagaray and San Miguel, Bulacan, with the conformity of prominent and ruling community leaders of the locality, as well as the local elective officials, to form their barangays into a new municipality, so as to accelerate the pace of development of the areas affected; and

WHEREAS, the creation of the new municipality augurs the execution of the ambitious objective to realize a proposed model municipality, a human settlement that will have self-sufficient ability and viable capability to administer its own local affairs and render adequate services to its residents through a systematic protection and tapping of its reserves and resources;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, FERDINAND E. MARCOS, President of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by the Constitution, do hereby order and decree, as part of the law of the land, the following:

Section 1. Barangays Pulong Sampaloc and Camachile in the Municipality of Angat; Bayabas and Kabayunan in the Municipality of Norzagaray; Talbak, Camachin, and Kalawakan in the Municipality of San Miguel, all in the Province of Bulacan, are detached and separated from their respective municipalities to form and constitute into a distinct and independent municipality which is created to be known as the Municipality of Doña Remedios Trinidad without affecting in any manner the legal existence of the mother municipalities. The new municipality shall be specifically bounded, as follows:

"A parcel of land situated in the Municipalities of Norzagaray, Angat, and San Miguel, Province of Bulacan, Island of Luzon, bounded on the N. points 15 to 18 by the Province of Nueva Ecija; in the E., points 18 to 39 by the province of Quezon; on the S., points 39 to 1 and 1 to 3 by the Municipality of Norzagaray, Province of Bulacan; on the W., points 3 to 9 by the Municipality of Angat; points 9 to 10 by the Municipality of San Rafael; points 10 to 13 by the Municipality of San Ildefonso; and points 13 to 15 by the Municipality of San Miguel. Beginning at a point marked "1" on plan being S. 88 deg. 41'E., 13,811.16 m. from BLLM 1 of Angat Cadastre, Municipality of Angat;

thence S. 87 deg. 23'W., 7,658.22 m. to point 2;

thence N. 58 deg. 06'W., 8,189.04 m. to point 3;

thence N. 29 deg. 20'E., 1,383.54 m. to point 4;

thence N. 32 deg. 10'W., 1,172.36 m. to point 5;

thence N. 83 deg. 37'W., 613,67 m. to point 6;

thence N. 7 deg. 48'E., 1,225.20 m. to point 7;

thence N. 16 deg. 03'E., 1,010.05 m. to point 8;

thence N. 16 deg. 12'W., 513.17 m. to point 9;

thence N. 2 deg. 53'E., 2,478.71 m. to point 10;

thence N. 20 deg. 49'E., 5,270.08 m. to point 11;

thence N. 14 deg. 14'W., 3,214.41 m. to point 12;

thence N. 10 deg. 00'W., 4,085.57 m. to point 13;

thence N. 25 deg. 37'E., 7,458.71 m. to point 14;

thence N. 6 deg. 13'W., 10,629.03 m. to point 15;

thence S. 85 deg. 28'E., 2,765.59 m. to point 16;

thence S. 77 deg. 38'E., 7,144.17 m. to point 17;

thence S. 66 deg. 10'E., 13,216.84 m. to point 18;

thence S. 30 deg. 10'E., 1,730.56 m. to point 19;

thence S. 21 deg. 08'E., 2,671.22 m. to point 20;

thence S. 7 deg. 20'E., 927.34 m. to point 21;

thence S. 55 deg. 22'E., 2,072.00 m. to point 22;

thence S. 9 deg. 42'E., 1,536.71 m. to point 23;

thence S. 47 deg. 09'W., 623.43 m. to point 24;

thence S. 4 deg. 42'E., 3,203.15 m. to point 25;

thence S. 20 deg. 33'W., 927.60 m. to point 26;

thence S. 12 deg. 44'W., 4,487.11 m. to point 27;

thence S. 23 deg. 23'E., 655.23 m. to point 28;

thence S. 21 deg. 07'W., 2,913.10 m. to point 29;

thence S. 78 deg. 27'W., 1,517.46 m. to point 30;

thence S. 13 deg. 54'E., 2,126.46 m. to point 31;

thence S. 70 deg. 07'E., 2,809.75 m. to point 32;

thence S. 5 deg. 48'W., 2,531.88 m. to point 33;

thence S. 10 deg. 23'W., 2,574.59 m. to point 34;

thence S. 38 deg. 2'W., 1,628.85 m. to point 35;

thence S. 81 deg. 06'W., 846.10 m. to point 36;

thence S. 8 deg. 09'E., 599.76 m. to point 37;

thence S. 20 deg. 05'W., 2,093.86 m. to point 38;

thence N. 86 deg. 13'W., 15,345.80 m. to point of


The seat of the government of the newly created municipality shall be in Barangay Pulong Sampaloc.

Section 2. Except as hereinafter provided, all provisions of law, now or hereafter applicable to regular municipalities, shall be applicable to the Municipality of Doña Remedios Trinidad.

Section 3. The present elective and appointive provincial officials of the Province of Bulacan shall perform their duties as ex-officio officials in the newly created Municipality of Doña Remedios Trinidad until the municipal officials of said municipality shall have been appointed by their appointing officials. The Barangay Captains of the seven barangays absorbed by this newly created municipality shall be appointed by the President as members of the Municipal Sangguniang Bayan and the remaining members shall be selected from the different sectors of the private group. Such elective officials so appointed shall hold office until their successors shall have been elected in the regular elections for municipal officials following the issuance of this decree and shall have qualified, unless sooner removed at the pleasure of the President. Such appointive officers and employees as maybe necessary to organize or to complete the government personnel of the Municipality of Doña Remedios Trinidad shall be appointed as provided for under existing laws.

Section 4. Upon the effectivity of this Decree, the proportionate share of the municipality of Doña Remedios Trinidad in the obligations, funds, assets and other properties of the mother municipalities shall be transferred by the President to the newly created municipality upon the recommendation of the Commission on Audit.

Section 5. The alienable and disposable area within the above-created municipality is hereby reserved for human settlement and agricultural development purposes under the administration and disposition of the chief executive of the newly created municipality of Doña Remedios Trinidad subject to private rights if any there be and to the future classification and survey.

Section 6. To facilitate the development of the area subject to this Decree, the Provincial Governor of Bulacan shall have the full authority in the management and development of the forest reserves covered by the same.

Section 7. All laws or parts of laws as well as all executive orders or regulations inconsistent herewith are hereby repealed or modified accordingly.

Section 8. This Decree shall take effect immediately.

DONE in the City of Manila, this 13th day of September, in the year of Our Lord, nineteen hundred and seventy-seven.

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