WHEREAS, it is the policy of the state to encourage, promote and diversify exports of services and of manufactures utilizing indigenous raw materials to the fullest extent possible and to develop further existing markets for Philippine products in order to attain increased levels of production and employment, increase foreign exchange earnings, and hasten the economic development of the country, making sure that the benefits of progress accrue to the Filipino people;

WHEREAS, the recent volume of Philippine export trade has demonstrated the favorability of encouraging and promoting commerce and investments with Japan, this country having emerged as a principal trading partner of the Philippines and having accounted for US$287 million of total foreign equity investments made in the Philippines as of June 1976;

WHEREAS, the private sector can provide a vigorous upward thrust in the country's manufactured exports considering the greatly improved export climate in the country and considering the stimulus offered by the inflow of domestic and foreign investments in these export industries;

WHEREAS, there is a need for sustained efforts in promoting effective marketing of export products, using sound marketing concepts and principles;

WHEREAS, any investment put into the country's participation in international export promotion and export development activities should provide for the establishment of continuing trade with the country sites of these activities;

WHEREAS, the Tokyo International Trade Fair is a major and well-publicized Japanese trade exposition, with recorded performance of US$25,147,000,000 total value of business generated, and around 700,000 visitors and foreign buyers attending the ten-day 11th Tokyo International Trade Fair in 1975;

WHEREAS, in order to achieve the foreign objectives there is a need to provide for the implementation of an intensive export development drive in Japan and to authorized for the purpose an official Philippine participation at Tokyo International Trade Fair in 1977, a project that shall entail substantive costs and therefore require that availment of the joint financial assistance of the Government of the Philippines and the private export-oriented sectors of the Philippines; and

WHEREAS, there is a need to grant authority to the Department of Trade, in cooperation with the private export sector, to endorse and undertake a fun-raising campaign to generate funds support for activities necessary to carry out more effectively the objectives of said export development drive participation;

NOW, THEREFORE I, FERDINAND E. MARCOS, President of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by the Constitution, do hereby order and decree:

Section 1. To implement a long-term Export Development Drive in Japan, to be launched by Philippine participation as the Tokyo International Trade Fair in 1977. Said participation shall be under the joint auspices of the Department of Trade, the Department of Tourism and the Philippine Export Council, in cooperation with the Confederation of Philippine Exporters and the Philippine Exporters Trading Corporation.

Section 2. In order to ensure the successful operation thereof, to undertake a fund campaign, to which all contributions from the private sector shall be tax-deductible.

The private sector is hereby enjoined to extend all assistance to the campaign by way of contributions, discounts, credits, guarantees and other forms of financial accommodations: Provided, that the proceeds derived from or through such financial assistance shall be used in undertaking activities approved in the plan for the Export Development Drive: Provided, further, That all excess revenues remaining from funds generated through the campaign and expenses incurred for the Export Development Drive, specifically for the Philippine participation at the Tokyo International Trade Fair in 1977, shall be established into a special fund to be invested for future activities resulting therefrom.

Section 3. There shall be a Commission composed of qualified individuals from the government and private sectors who shall provide the advice, guidance and insights necessary to pursuing the activities of the Export Development Drive, specifically the Philippine participation at the Tokyo International Trade Fair in 1977.

There shall also be organized a qualified staff, to be headed by an Executive Director, which shall perform the work required for the execution of the Export Development Drive, specifically the Philippine participation at the Tokyo International Trade fair in 1977. The Commission shall devise an appropriate organizational structure which may include such operations committees as may be necessary.

Section 4. Agencies and instrumentalities of the Government concerned with export developments, as well as government financial institutions, are hereby directed to appropriate out of their budgets contributions to make a total of one million eight hundred twenty thousand (P1,820,000) pesos as the Government's assistance to the project, in addition to any funds generated from the private sector through the Fund Campaign.

This Decree shall take effect immediately and shall remain in force until the 30th June 1977, or for the duration of the initial phase of this export development drive.

Done in the City of Manila, this 26th day of January, in the year of Our Lord, nineteen hundred and seventy-seven.

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