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PRESIDENTIAL DECREE No. 723 June 3, 1975


WHEREAS, there are certain municipal and city courts whose case loads have increased to such an extent that they are no longer manageable by the present number of salas therein;

WHEREAS, it will be in the interest of the administration of justice and in line with the Government's policy of de-congesting court dockets to create additional salas where needed;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, FERDINAND E. MARCOS, by virtue of the powers vested in me by the Constitution, and in order to effect the speedy disposition of the cases in our courts, do hereby order and decree:

Section 1. Additional salas are hereby created in the municipal courts of the following municipalities, namely:

Valenzuela, Bulacan112
Makati, Rizal134
Malabon, Rizal112
Marikina, Rizal112
Navotas, Rizal112
Parañaque, Rizal123
Pasig, Rizal134
Las Piñas, Rizal1 1 2

Section 2. Additional salas are likewise hereby created in the city of the following cities, namely:

Bacolod City325
Caloocan City224
Zamboanga City123
Davao City426
Quezon City729

Section 3. The additional courts herein created shall each be provided with the necessary personnel, equipment and facilities to enable them to function as soon as the judges therein are appointed.

Section 4. The sum of One million Six Hundred Thousand Pesos is hereby appropriated out of the general funds in the National Treasury not otherwise appropriated and the release thereof is hereby ordered.

Section 5. All laws or provisions thereof inconsistent herewith are hereby repealed and/or modified accordingly.

Done in the City of Manila, this 3rd day of June, in the year of Our Lord, nineteen hundred and seventy-five.

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