G.R. No. L-17021
February 23, 1921
The United States vs. Isaac Dominguez
G.R. No. L-16777
February 18, 1921
People of the Philippines vs. Wong Hsiao Fong
G.R. No. L-15466
February 18, 1921
Fidelity and Surety Company of the Philippine Islands vs. Pator Conegero vda. de Lizarraga, et al.
G.R. No. L-16529
February 16, 1921
The United States vs. Francisco Mercader, et al.
G.R. No. L-16466
February 16, 1921
The United States vs. Honorio Briones, et al.
G.R. No. L-14983
February 10, 1921
Carlos Young vs. Anastasio Olivares
G.R. No. L-15499
February 9, 1921
The Tayabas Land Company vs. Salomon Sharruf, et al.
G.R. No. L-16416
February 8, 1921
The United States vs. Vicente Delgado, et al.
G.R. No. L-17260
February 7, 1921
Jose Crisostomo vs. Director of Prisons
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