WHEREAS, in line with the priority concern of the present Administration to provide lands to deserving landless and homeless Filipinos, the President has issued a memorandum dated 05 February 2001, directing all heads of Government Departments, Agencies, Government-Owned and Controlled Corporations and their instrumentalities to identify areas which may be identified for socialized housing purposes;

WHEREAS, said Memorandum is in accordance with the policy of the present Administration of regularizing the land tenurial status of informal settlers occupying public lands;

WHEREAS, the Bases Conversion Development Authority (BCDA), a government corporation created under Republic Act No. 7227, accelerated the conversion of the military reservations into other productive uses, and pursuant to the same law, was given the authority to dispose of these military camp to provide funds for their development and conversion to productive civilian use;

WHEREAS, Republic Act No. 7227, transferred to BCDA the ownership, administration and control of a substantial portion of Fort Bonifacio Consisting of 723.3 hectares;

WHEREAS, a portion of the Fort Bonifacio property consisting of 119 hectares has been designated as the Bonifacio Housing and Information Technology Zone (BHIT Zone) pursuant to the Master Development Plan for the area which was updated pursuant to A.O No. 25, series of 1998;

WHEREAS, portions of the said BHIT Zone are currently occupied by informal dwellers;

WHEREAS, another portion of the Fort Bonifacio property identified as Lupang Katuparan covering an area of approximately 48 hectares is currently being developed as land-based housing site to accommodate the families to be affected by BCDA Projects;

WHEREAS, the Pamayanang Diego Silang area located along C-5 Road with a total of 2,880 units in 5-storey medium rise buildings spread out over 23.86 hectares was developed for socialized housing purposes primarily to accommodate the families to be affected by BCDA Project as well as military, BCDA and PNP/DILG/NAPOLCOM personnel;

WHEREAS, the area known as Philippine Centennial Village located along the C-5 Road with a total of 1,140 units in 5-storey medium rise buildings covering 13.08 hectares was developed for socialized housing purposes primarily to accommodate the families to be affected by BCDA Projects.

WHEREAS, the BCDA as contained in its Board Resolution No. 2002-01-011 has signified its approval to dispose of approximately 35 hectares of occupied portions of the BHIT Zone, Pamayanang Diego Silang covering 13.08 hectares, including 2,880 residential units in the medium rise buildings, Philippine Centennial Village covering 23.86 hectares including 1,140 residential units in medium rise buildings, and approximately 48 hectares at Lupang Katuparan, to qualified occupants and beneficiaries.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, GLORIA MACAPAGAL-ARROYO, President of the Philippines, by virtue of the powers vested in me by law, do hereby order:

Section 1. Declaration of Housing Sites. - In view of the need of informal settlers to acquire home ownership and shelter security, the following portions of BCDA's property located in Fort Bonifacio and its environs are hereby declared as socialized housing sites open for disposition to qualified occupants and beneficiaries:

a) A portion of the BHIT Zone Property - 35.00 hectares
b) Lupang Katuparan- 48.00 hectares
c) Pamayanang Diego Silang- 23.86 hectares
d) Philippine Centennial Village- 13.08 hectares
Total- 119.94 hectares

This declaration shall include in the case of Pamayanang Diego Silang, 2,880 residential units in 5-storey medium rise buildings found therein, and, in the case of Philippine Centennial Village, 1,140 residential units in 5-storey medium rise buildings therein.

The actual metes and bounds of the foregoing properties covered by this Order shall, as necessary, be subject to final survey.

Section 2. Implementation by Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council (HUDCC). - The implementation of this Order shall be the responsibility of HUDCC as lead agency. In this connection, BCDA shall ensure the smooth turnover of the administration and control of the above-identified areas subject of this Order to HUDCC for this purpose.

Section 3. Executive Committee. - An Executive Committee shall be created to assist HUDCC in implementing this Order. This committee shall be composed of HUDCC as Chair, and the following as members: BCDA, Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR), Presidential Commission for the Urban Poor (PCUP), Department of National Defense/Armed Forces of the Philippines (DND/AFP) in so far as military personnel residing in this area covered, the Municipal Government of Taguig, and the Congressional Representative of Taguig.

The Executive Committee shall, among others, ensure that the actual metes and bounds of the properties covered by this Order are established through final survey, as necessary, and that the qualifications and identification of beneficiaries, and a fair lot /unit pricing and payment scheme, are established and implemented. The Committee shall take into consideration existing agreements with the different people's organization in the area.

Section 4. Funding. - The Executive Committee shall formulate a budget to implement this Order taking into account the funding requirements for the various activities (social preparation, census and tagging, ground survey, mobilization, etc.) that must be undertaken in connection hereof. The Department of Budget and Management shall ensure the provision of the funding requirements of the Executive Committee.

Section 5. Separability Clause. - In the event of that any provision hereof is declared invalid by any competent court or tribunal, the other provisions hereof unaffected thereby shall remain in full force and effect.

Section 6. Effectivity. - The Executive Order shall take effect immediately.

Done in the City of Manila, this 11th day of February, in the year of our Lord, Two Thousand and Two.

By the President:

Executive Secretary

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