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4/F Hizon Building, #29 Quezon Avenue 1102, Quezon City
Tel.: 712-4631

Presiding Judge

 Ernesto D. Acosta

 Tels: 712-4609; 743-7637; 743-4370;
Fax: 712-4631

Associate Judge

 Ramon O. De Veyra

 Tels: 712-4623

Associate Judge

 Amancio Q. Saga

 Tels: 712-4635

Executive Clerk of Court I

 Atty. Elvessa P. Apolinario

 Tels: 721-4631; 741-1439

Executive Clerk of Court I

 Atty. Margarette Y. Guzman

 Tels: 712-4643

Executive Clerk of Court II

 Atty. Felizardo O. Consing

 Tels: 741-1439

Attorney V

 Atty. Susan M. Aquino

 Tels: 712-4918

Administrative Officer

 Elsie R. Tiauzon

 Tels: 712-4643; 743-4730

Fiscal & Management Officer II

 Hilario S. Galvan

 Tels: 712-4643

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