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_ Department of Labor and Employment

General Functions

  • Enforce social and labor legislation to protect the working class and regulate the relations between the worker and his employers;

  • Formulate and recommend policies, plans and programs for manpower development, training, allocation, and utilization;

  • Recommend legislation to enhance the material, social and intellectual improvement of the nation's labor force;

  • Protect and promote the interest of every citizen desiring to work locally or overseas by securing for him the most equitable terms and conditions of employment, and by providing social and welfare services;

  • Regulate the employment of aliens, including the enforcement of a registration or work permit system for such aliens, as provided for by law;

  • Formulate general guidelines concerning wage income policy;

  • Recommend necessary adjustments in wage structures with the view to developing a wage system that is consistent with national economic and social development plans;

  • Provide for safe, decent, humane and improved working conditions and environment for all workers, particularly women and young workers;

  • Maintain a harmonious, equitable and stable labor relations system that is supportive of the national economic policies and programs;

  • Uphold the right of workers and employers to organize and promote free collective bargaining as the foundation of the labor relations system;

  • Provide and ensure the fair and expeditious settlement and disposition of labor and industrial disputes through collective bargaining, grievance machinery, conciliation, mediation, voluntary arbitration, compulsory arbitration as may be provided by law, and other modes that may be voluntarily agreed upon by the parties concerned; and

  • Perform such other functions as may be provided by law

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